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RealTree pulled its USO sponsorship


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
Dear Joe,

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion with us on the
resident and non-resident draws in Arizona. We appreciate your input. We
understand your concerns and we take them very seriously.

Please be aware that we're currently in the process of withdrawing our
sponsorship of USO. We have not been party to, nor have we endorsed, USO's
lawsuit over the availability of tags in Western states.

Like you, we care very deeply about the outdoors, hunting and wildlife.
Realtree contributes financially to conservation groups each year, and we'll
continue to sponsor groups like Ducks Unlimited, the National Wild Turkey
Federation, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Quail Unlimited/Dove
Sportsman's Society ­ groups that share our goal of ensuring a bright future
for the hunting and shooting sports.

Best regards,
Bill Jordan
Joe got this letter from realtree this morning, hes a buddy of mine here in AZ. thought you all might like to here this.

Delw thanks for letting us know I may start buying stuff from them again.
I hope this puts a hurting on USO. I doubt it will, but we can dream can't we. Keep the pressure up on their other sponsors and be sure to thank the ones that are pulling support.
I just ordered a "Realtree" camo pack, and will pick up at least one "Primos" call before I go hunting this year.
Let us know if Crooked Horn makes a move !
Behold the power of Cheese :D And as always a bit of 'whine' goes well with cheese. These BB's offer us the opportunity to communicate issues that are important to us. And there is power in #s. Power that forges change. Let this be a signal to USO, PETA, and the rest, that change is on its way.

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