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Question on Cold Weather Tents


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Aug 20, 2003
Fort Worth, TX
I'm looking for a legitimate cold weather tent for next year that can take a stove. I'm tired of either sleeping cold in a pack-in tent without a heater or trying to drag my popup camper around over terrain it wasn't meant to go. Obviously, I'm considering a wall tent, but would like some suggestions from those of you that have them. Some tents I'm considering are:
1. Wall tents from Cabelas
2. Alaknak Lodge from Cabelas
3. Kifaru Tipi Tent - This one intrigues me. I'd like to hear from someone who has one.
Wall tents are the only way to go. Nothing like being able to spill beer on the floor, or spit tobacco indoors...
With a good stove, you can stay toasty warm, and tell stories waaaaaaaaay too late.

You might want to consider your local Tent and Canvas shop, as at least around here, each one of them makes Wall Tents. Local service and support might be important. No dis-respect to Cabelas, as I spend enough money there, but this might be a better local purchase.

The one we use came from Thunder Mountain Tent and Canvas, here in Nampa, and it is awesome.
Thunder Mountain Tent and Canvas

Make sure you get sod cloth on the bottom, and I tend to like the doors that tie together, as opposed to the zippers.

And find a good stove. There is a guy in town that makes them for tents, and they will roast you out of the tent, if you get carried away with the wood.
The Kifaru tents are really nice I have seen a few of them set up in different camps.I personally have no experience with these.
My tents that I have are wall tents.I have 2 12x14 tents that are put together to make one large tent.My brother has one aswell,one recomendation that I will give you if you go with wall tents get them pre treated with water proofing.Heres the link to where we got our tents.
For stoves I use a Cylinder stove,these are top notch stoves.I have the Yukon model which heats my tents up wonderfully.I also have the Hunter model which doesnt really heat up a 12x14 tent all night long.Heres the link for the stoves.
Hope this info helps ya out.
There's quite a bit of info on the Kifaru tents on their website Check out there message boards for user info. I think they'd me the MEOW if you are packing it in on your back. however if you're using horses the wall tents may offer a bit more room.
If you are going to truly camp in cold weather in a tent with a stove then your tent must be canvas so that it can breathe. Moisture must be allowed to escape and canvas does that. You will need to hang a line and dry stuff out at night. You will have condensation problems with a tent that does not breathe. It is no fun when it is 20 below outside and it is raining inside your tent.

Consider wall tents or spike tents with at least 4' walls. If weight is a concern, the blend tents will still breathe in the roof.
Here is a phone number of a family that builds wall tents. His lives in Washington State and his local number is 360-817-9124 is toll free number is 1-800-490-7046. He will build anything you want and will tell you the pro's and con's of your design. He has three different types of material to use and guarantees his product and workmanship. His sod cloth is amazing and you have to see it to believe it… Call him up and ask for a brochure, I doubt you would be dissatisfied.

If you want to buy the standard wall tent then pick one as stated in the above posts. But if you want total quality and you want to specify your own style and size you should call this guy.

I have the montana canvas 12' x 14' x 5; walls with 12 oz. canvas.

Keeps in the heat that is for sure. The ceiling is taller than i can reach standing on a cot and it is a heavy bugger to put up if you dont have good help.
I have a US Army 10 man artic tent,and a 15 by 18 wall tent by Beckel Canvas of Oregon.Both work equally well.This year I used a 40,000 btu pedestal style propane heater with a 100 pound propane tank,lasted all week and kept the wall tent really warm.I have used a wood stove with both tents as well,but propane is easier to deal with and is guaranteed to light first time,every time.No green wood or wet wood,etc., to contend with.If you intend to buy a wall tent,better have a hefty pocket book, mine was 1200$ without the frame.Money well spent however,as there have been some good times with that tent,some great hunts.

The artic tent is great for warmth,since it has a liner it would probably be toasty warm with a very small propane heater.We made the mistake of stuffing the stove one year,everybody wound up on top of the blankets and sleeping bags with both doors propped open in 20 degree weather.I only paid 200$ for it at a Surplus store.It uses a large center pole and is reasonably roomy,enough room for 6 with cots and gear.
Yeah,there are a lot of wall tent makers out there,each one usually has some kind of sale going,each uses a different weight of canvas or tent style.Do a search on Google and you'll see what I mean.Beckel went to 10 oz canvas to cut down on tent weight.
FWIW - My family has a tent from reliable (mentioned above):

We also have a cylinder stove. Great stuff.

I have been in this tent during a couple of severe monutain storms with wind gusts approaching 80 m.p.h. The kind of stuff where you hear trees snappin. No problems.

Most recently, the weekend after Christmas, we were in the tent because it was below zero outside. With the stove not even cranked all the way, it was toasty inside.

Setup takes about 15-20 minutes with stove once you have the order of operations down.

We have had this one for a couple of years.

Cooking on the stove is cool too.
We (6 of us) spent a night at -20 in a military Artic tent/ with liner, with just a small Yukon oven. More than warm! We over prepared for the night, as might be expected at THAT temp! But, the piont is, it did very well.
Heres a pic of my tents over at Elk camp.Its not a good pic due to the tarp on them but overall it is 24x14 and only takes about 30 mins to set it up,with an internal frame its alot sturdier and faster to set up.

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