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Newbie bow hunter needs help!


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Dec 10, 2000
Indianapolis, IN, United States
Hey all... just bought a new (to me) Fred Bear Black Bear Magnum compound bow. It's got sights of some sort but not sure what as I haven't received it yet. I guess I'm not sure what questions to ask just yet but I'll need to learn about arrow weights/lengths, release mechanisms, counter balances, etc.

I'm truly a blank slate and will absorb as much as I possibly can from you experienced folk...

Oh yeah, it's got a 55lb draw weight and 29" something! Pull, I guess...

Find a good bow shop there in Indy and they'll help you very much. Ask Jason if he knows of one. I know of one, but it's in Crawfordsville. If you want that one, let me know.
Cool Indy,Im sure you will have fun with it.
The first thing is like 1pointer said,go to a pro shop so they can help you set it up for (YOU.)
I dont know alot about that stuff I just do what the guys and Steve tell me to do LOL

I did learn a good lession last week-end.
:eek: :eek: when judging distance ,dont forget to take into account any backwards steps you take after getting the yardage and before the shot :rolleyes: Your arrow will fly right into the dirt bank!!!!!
Indy, welcome to the wonderful world of archery! pro-shops are only as good as the guy behind the counter! make sure its not some know-it all punk thats just there to make a buck! the more experienced and knowledgable the better! first thing i would need to know is how big a boy are you???? bows need to fit the shooter! that 29" number is your draw length which is very important to know! it determines alot from that point on! right down to the efficiency that you will get out of your bow! the weight isnt so important being a beginning shooter its probably better for you to start and develope good shooting habits with a lighter weight bow! bear bows have been around for awhile and have been responsible for many deaths! so thats not much of an issue unless it has been mistreated and warped! have you ever shot a compound bow ?????? depending on the model ,how old it is and its brace height may determine wether you should shoot fingers or release! and lastly modern archery has become a techno-world of gadgets so be careful! once we determine wether the bow your getting is going to fit you then we can touch on some of the specifics! there are many ways of calculating draw length, thats your first task is to find your draw length! im 6'-0" and have a 31" draw length a quick easy way is to make a fist put your knuckles against a wall and measure to your arm pit! that will be close! enough to start! lets us know!!!!!
Thanks, DKO... I'm about 5'9" so 29" may be just about right. I'm not in receipt of the bow yet as I won an auction on eBay and it hasn't shipped yet.

As for my archery experience, I do have a long bow but have logged limited time shooting it, so I would really consider myself a novice bow-guy. I'm just excited about the hunting opportunities this opens for me.

I've got two friends her in town who are quite knowledgeable and who's opinions I trust so I'll get steared in the right direction...

Thanks again and I look forward to your response.
There's several books that are good that are not too expensive. Dave Holt's book is good, so is Chuck Adams', Mr. world record just about everything bowman. He even got an honoray Ph.D. for his bowhunting examples and teaching.

There's charts on arrows that work with that weight, length and type of cams on the compound. Here's an online one,

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Congratulations on your first step into what is a real fun and exciting way to hunt...Glad you took it....There is a lot to know about it..But you have been steered in the right direction. Good luck!!!! :D
My condolences IndyJay,

You have contracted an incurrable desease. You're done for. Bowhunting is an evil sickness. I should know, I now have 3 longbows and 2 compounds (presently), and wouldn't even have a clew as to where the key to the gun cabinet might be!

It was hit on earlier but the most important thing to make sure of right away is to get the bow so that it fits you. If the draw length cannot be adjusted so that it is natural for you to draw it with your eyes closed, come to anchor, and open your eyes to see that you are in perfect position to shoot, get rid of it right away. There is nothing worse than shooting a compound that does not fit you. Just my cent and a half.

Thanks for the well wishes, Bullhound. You're right. I've got one long bow and a compound, haven;t drawn blood with either yet but for some reason, I think I need a Matthews MQ1!

Somebody help me! Please!!!!

Just don't tell me I need a deer bow, an elk bow a caribou bow, and a black bear bow! Because if you do, I'll probably start collecting them!

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Too bad Indy, once it starts there is no stopping it. You'll come up with many different reasons why you NEED this or that. It is part if the sickness! :D
I'm getting better with this illness. I am down to only really needing a new bow about every five or so years instead of yearly, That is saving me a five noter a year right off the top. Plus I used to have to get every gaget I could get my hands on... Now I am not in quite the need for them. I just can't carry that much junk into the woods. Not with out taking five or six trips into the hills, just to haul the stuff in..LOL.. :D

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