NEKID/Crazy pictures.... $50 prize.


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
The final prize that we're giving away is for YOU in your hat/ "WEAR" in your "Undies", DOING something "CRAZY".. LIke a handstand and a backpack, or something FUNNY !!!!!

THE same rules for the ELK/DEER/ Big GAME contest apply here......

To the winner of this new contest that I am putting together for '02.

ALL pictures must be sent to : [email protected]

Pictures will be voted on several things. there will be a 1-5 score on Items like this :

1: How well you can read the hat.

2. How well the picture was taken, (I.E. Is the hunter centered and not have a leg cut off, or is there cool things in the background... Stuff like that).

3. The story that goes with it that will be 100 words or less.
Right now there are "0" entry's ;) KEEP that in mind. If you want to buy a hat visit this link.

~~~~~ * H E R E * ~~~~~

Oh yeah moosie --------what are you nut's or something ,hard up? asking for nekid picture's of this group LOL
Can I help you judge :D :D ;)
Something funny. I thought just out with a bow in your undies was funny. :rolleyes: Now he wants to change the rules. I should at least be the judge of this contest. ;)

I still am the only one that isnt chicken chit.
Actually I want NO nekid pics.. BUT, Ones like NUTS would be OK ...(JUST tan them legs man !!!!!!)

Just somethnig funny or different ones.. the NEKID was to catch your attension !!!!!!

HERE's some Ideas.

1. SIT next to a deer crossing sign with a case of beer and looking through your bino's with a hat on.

2. go to Disney and Shake micky's hand with a SHIRT on.

3. pump GAS and make a cheesey grin with a JAcket on.

4. jump off a diving board with a hat on...

JUST make sure the picture has the LOGO and is close enough for me and the Judges to see it.... BE ORIGIONAL FOLKS !!!!!! We're accepting pictures and posting pics after the first... NO-one will se ethe pic unless you host it untill the unleashing of the web pages !!!!!!!!
thats funny, cause I was already thinking if I got an elk or deer I'd strip down to my undies and wedge a couple leaves up front and get a pic of me being "Primal" in my loin cloth!
Not yet..... BUt I think Ovis with his Stickers might make it in there :eek: :eek:

Roumor has it NUT and DANR are soon to be sending me something.. This should be good.... AND, If I score on a Montana critter, I might have one too
Heres my enrty, I call it "camp meat on a stick" havent wee all had it once??
Yeah, aren't you guys supposed to eat the fresh warm heart of your kill. I think it is supposed to be respectful to the soul of the animal you just killed or something.
I don't think that I can enter this one. I don't even have a hat or jacket or anything that says Hunttalk on it yet. Sorry about that guys. I'll try to get something soon. ;) :D ;)
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