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Moosie got a bucky!

Big Sky

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Dec 22, 2000
A Warmer Climate
Moosie got his buck around noon yesterday. He made an outstanding 370 yard shot with about a 15 mph crosswind. One shot right through both shoulder's I was most impressed. He will have to give you the details and post photos, I don't want to take away from his glory so to speak. Right now he's enroute back to Ideeho. Probably won't see a post from him until tomorrow. I will say this Oscar is great company in the field and he's welcome to come out here and hunt with me anytime. It was the funnest day afield I've had this year.
hurry up,grt thrm photos on. Did you remember the hat this time??
He remembered the hat this time. Too bad there wasn't any competion for video footage as I'd say between the two of us we came up with some pretty entertaining stuff.
It's 647 miles from here to his place. So he's got 1294 or more miles round trip. He didn't kill the king of the hill, but we did see him and I'd show him to you if I could hit what I aim at. We saw eight bucks, one spike, one fork horn, and the other six bucks were all 4x4's or better. Moosie did not kill the spike or the fork horn. He came here to kill a 4x4 and that he did, maybe smaller than he would of liked, but not bad considering he only had ONE day to hunt. It's killing me not to post a photo or two, but like I said I leave that up to Moosie.

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He should be home in 4-5 hours so I hear. 8'll get you 10 he logs on here before he takes his boots off. :D
OOOOOPS!!!!!!! I read......
Moosie got lucky...... My bad ;)

shoulda figured.....
With the way he's been leaving that wife of his home, he better be satisfied with bucky. :D ;)
Congratulations Oscar.. Glad you got your buck..

I still have lots of emeralds and rubies and saphires if you need a "Get out of Jail" card.....

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