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Let me tell you my Tale of Woe.....


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Oct 2, 2016
Windsor, Colorado
Been a few weeks to get all the information and resolution so I can speak to this entirely.

Had a Colorado left over deer tag in a unit not known for any spectacular bucks....but it was hunting and I drew zip point SH#% this year, so I grabbed this leftover tag. Called the area DOW officer and had some discussions with him of my area I was zoned in on and my hunting style. He told me that area was not know for any sizeable deer but held deer. He also said it would be a parking lot on opening weekend. I told him how far I usually go on foot at significantly higher elevations for elk, and he told me I'd stand a better than decent chance of filling my tag, which was all I could want or expect from this unit.

Opening day and he was right about the parking lot....4 RV set ups and 5 wall tents in the lot. Almost couldn't find a spot to park. No one was up as we were almost 2 hours before sunrise to get far back away from the typical hunter. So my buddy Mike and I start up a hill by headlamp to pursue our passion for the hunt. We got about 2-3 miles back which was significantly away from 90% of the hunters there, chased a couple of small bucks but couldn't complete the deal, and decided to take this cow path to some prospecting area. Another 1/2-3/4 mile and I glance up the hill...and there on a side hill in an open area is a buck.....and not just a buck, but a tall antlered buck...wham! I'm bursting with adrenaline and start to formulate the shot. Swing off my pack for a rest as I tell Mike to range him...but he can't see the deer yet. Get my pack off and hit him with my laser...203 yards....he's broadside and glassing him I can see he is an impressively tall and wide buck for this area...Had brow tines (which I don't count) but he was a tall and Wide 3x3 for sure but I think he was actually a 4x4...he never turned his head to verify, just stared straight at us, but who cares...he's a great buck for this area.

Getting my heart to slow and my breathing under control, I find that the pack won't work for a rest, so I scramble to get out the spotter tri-pod, worried he's gonna bolt...but he's still staring at us. I get the tripod out, fiddle around with it and get it set properly...buck is still staring....put my rifle on the rest and dial the CDS in at 200 yards...deer still staring...It's all coming together...pick my aim point, ease the safety off, let off half a breath and squeeze trigger...and I am rewarded with a loud "POP"....primer went off but didn't ignite the powder...I look up at the deer (who is still staring at me) as I try to rack in a replacement round, but it won't feed. Look into the breach after I get live round cleared and the casing from the dud primer is still in the breach...Deer is still staring...fiddle with knives, Leatherman, all tools available to try to get the SOB out, Mike and I attempting this loudly for about 10-15 minutes, meanwhile the deer continues to stare...desperately fumbling with any idea to try and collect this great buck I decide that regardless of anything, if I don't get the damned thing out, my day is done....Deer continues to stare...last idea...try to push it out with a tree branch sturdy and thick enough to maybe push case out....branch breaks in barrel...I curse very loudly like the ex-sailor I am....deer continues to stare....We pack our stuff and walk away completely depressed as I tell Mike I am glad he was a witness to this as no one on earth would believe this story . Attempts at home to rectify the issue that night result in the acceptance that the rifle now needs to go to a gunsmith. Pick out another rifle and head back out to the field the next day (we did collect a buck but nothing like the one we saw at "Malfunction Junction" as Mike puts it).

At home it appears that the primer had popped out of the case and upon further inspection we can't see a flash hole. OMG. What are the chances of that! Contacted Remington munitions and explained the occurrence, and I am happy to say they wanted to replace all my boxes of ammo I had with that lot number and said they'd cover the gunsmith costs. Gunsmith got the casing out and said " flash hole"....Only I could get this kind of event.

Attached below is the pic I snapped as I walked away dejected, crushed, and a touch miffed....But looking back...what a story.

Thanks for spending the time to read my "Tale of Woe".....Cheers...BTW...this is intended mainly to make you laugh...Stuff happens...and we persevere!
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Wow, sorry to hear about your luck. How old was the ammo? Just wondering if it was made under the new owners or the old.
That is such an unfortunate series of events its almost humorous, probably only because it wasn't me.

Really does suck. But congrats on filling your tag anyway.
Seriously, what are the odds of purchasing a round with no flash hole???? Sorry it didn’t work out. Kudos for finding a nice buck!
@Madman, your story reminds me of a story my Dad was fond of telling. Happened in the 50's or 60's.

One year they had a bunch of Navy guys from Whidbey Island NAS camped in the meadow below their camp. Dad's group had already killed a couple bulls and it was mid-season. About 3 one afternoon, one of the Navy guys ran into Dad in the meadow and asked him where he thought a bull would be at that time of day. Dad pointed up on the ridge behind camp, "right up on that bench there should be a bull". Well the Navy guy took Dad's advice and went up there. Sure enough there was a bull as the guy peeked up on the bench. He tried to shoot the bull, but his gun didn't fire, tried another shell, still didn't go off. Backed off over the edge and took his rifle apart, stripped the bolt down, reassembled everything, peeked back up on the bench and the bull decided he had had enough and took off. Turns out this guy was an armorer for the Navy. He stopped back by Dad's camp and told them the story and asked Dad why if he knew a bull was up there why didn't he go shoot him. "I would have if I had known he was there"!

Thank you Veterans, Dad was in the Coast Guard.
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Ugh! I use Hornady eldx, and I've never had a misfire. But then again, you could use Remington for years and have the same. Yuck.
Ugh! I use Hornady eldx, and I've never had a misfire. But then again, you could use Remington for years and have the same. Yuck.
I've used Remington for 30 years......this is a first for me! Think it's just one of those things that was just the perfect storm to make a good story!
What did you have to do with the bad lot, send it back?
I buy in bulk so I went through the lot number that round came from and they had me ship all those boxes back....and they will be sending me replacements. I am assuming this must be a one off, one in ten million thing as I've never heard of any round not having a flash hole...guess it just happens to me to build character...:ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL:
Damn, that’s a sad tale. How frustrating!

Your buddy didn’t have a rifle with him?
I’m just thinking were I in that situation, and he didn’t have a tag, I’d just borrow his rifle to take the shot. Even if his POA/POI is a bit different it can’t be that far off at 200yd
I have a friend that had a Remington cartridge not fire last week. Good dent in the primer, just didn’t fire. She was able to rack in another round and kill the buck.
Couldn't the buddies rifle? Wife and I learned that this year, ALWAYS take both guns when leaving the truck, both have a tag, take both guns
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