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  • No problem. Oh and btw, no porn in my gallery. It's a very large gallery so that might help you from having to go through it. Pretty much just hunting or art. As I stated before I fully support your non-porn stance with this site. The reason I contacted you is that I have some new fishing and hunting photos I wanted to post. If you get this back up and running let me know, so I can post them.

    It is not you. I am not sure if you were aware that Moosie allowed adult pictures in the gallery. Hell, lets call them what they are - porn.

    We have migrated the gallery over to the new server, but we have to go through the thousands of images and sort out the porn from the real pictures. I wish it were as easy as uploading "gallery A," or Big Sky's Gallery, but it is not.

    So, until I have time to go through all these images and sort out the porn, I cannot upload the galleries.

    It is on our list, but will be a while. Sorry about that, but I cannot have porn on this site.

    We will try to get to them, as soon as we can.


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