Mad Moose!



Got the Mad Moose pix back...and only about half the roll is ledgible.....I guess snapping on the run tends to blurr the pix :eek: But I have a few close ups of his eyeballs,, I had forgotten how evil he looked! You can see " your gonna die, whiteboy!" written all over them! :eek:

I'll post the pix later tonight when I get a few minutes.......oh, and maybe he ain't as big as I remembered ;)
KIND of like the guy that got beat up and robbed by like 12 BIG BLACK guys... And when the police found the little old White lady that took the guys wallet.... he had alot of explaining to do :D :D

A moose would look damn huge ifhe were pissed. I can easily see how he could look like an elephant if he were close enough and pissed off enough. lol :D can see the white's of his eyes in several of the pics :eek: ......and I'm guessing here, but that is probably too close :rolleyes:

I still think he is over thirty inches....but what the phuck do I know about jufging a moose :rolleyes: far ear tip to ear tip on a shiras?
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> but what the phuck do I know about jufging a moose <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

HEHE... Hooked on "MOOSIE's FONIX" werked on DEARslayer ;)
Well, where are the pics? I want to see the race between you and the moosie
I've got them all hosred on Webshots...just signed up there. I used to use Zing but they folded last year. Anyway, I can't seem to get a URL on them.......when I try posting them here I am justing getting the old X. I have seen others on here post pics from Webshots, so maybe someone can tell me the trick.
DS, I looked at your posts down in the Testes section, and those addresses you're using aren't for images. Is that the address you get when you right-click on the image and choose "Properties"?
You just can give the link as far as I know, you need the community link, not the link where you put them in yourself. That's the way the free webshots works. will let you put a picture here for free. Webshots is good though, the community access to photos takes like 15 minutes after you get them in there.
Yes Darren...the last couple of tests are with the URL when I hit properties. It is the same method I used to do with zing, only not the same results :mad:

The url you have is indeed for the picture. It appears that you can not link directly to the picture but instead need to link to the community you have it in. If you copy and paste the url into your browser it will show the picture.

BTW, nice Bullwinkle DS. ;)
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