Moms moose hunt


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Mar 10, 2022
Fort Collins, Colorado
We ease over the hill slowly. Creeping step by step and peering down into the bowl in front of us. Mom is leading the way with me immediately behind, watching over her shoulder. The bowl is packed full of 4-8’ tall young aspens which makes visibility difficult. I’m straining to see a moose, or three. Surely I’ll see them. We’re practically right on top of them!
Suddenly mom stops and points directly ahead. I look and it takes my eyes a moment to realize that a moose is feeding in the trees just 10 yards away. This is much too close. I indicate that we should move backwards and try to come in from another angle. Slowly we creep backwards and head for a 4’ tall rock outcrop to our right. We ease up to the rocks and mom braces off. The moose is now at about 15 yards but has no idea we are there. We cannot tell if it is a bull or cow because the aspens are so thick and it has its head down. We can hear the grass crunching as it feeds. We exchange a few of the quietest whispers, trying to determine if this moose is the bull or a cow. Then he raises his head and looks right at us. Through the golden leaves there is no doubt this is the bull we have come for. I whisper “it’s him” and his ears perk up. He’s heard us! He lumbers out of the trees and starts to head up the side of the bowl. In that moment many thoughts ran through my head. All of the preparation and effort put in up to this point. He is so close, but he’s running… I tried to cow call, but he didn’t slow down. I made a decision that may not have been the best, but I couldn’t help myself. I yelled “SHOOT”. Mom pulled the trigger and the semi-auto .308 went off. BANG, BANG! She shot once and the recoil was a bit of a surprise, along with the adrenaline of the moment she shot again. Two quick shots back to back. I watched her track the bull on the first shot and it looked good, the second shot was not as accurate 😆 she probably missed by 4’. I told her to settle down as the bull slowed to a stop and stood broadside. He is still only at about 30 yards at this point and I’m sure he was wondering what the hell all this ruckus was coming from the rock pile below him! Mom settles her crosshairs and I whisper “shoot again”. BANG and the bull hunches up. I can tell it’s a good hit! “Shoot him again” I say. BANG. The bull hunches more and I can tell he has at least two fatal hits on him now, but we didn’t come this far to leave anything to chance! “Shoot him again!!” I yell out loud! BANG and the bull is hit good again. Surely he is only seconds away from tipping over now. But I yell “reload!” Just in case.
The bull tips over and falls to the ground with a great thud. I’m elated beyond words. I’m relieved and amazed.
Mom and I embrace each other in a hug and we yell that “we did it”. I’m so proud of her in this moment. We get on the radio to Dad and tell him the bull is down. I can tell from his voice he is excited and happy. He jokingly says “I won’t believe it till I get my hands on him”. And he starts heading our way with frame packs knives etc. Now the real work begins!
He’s not a Boone and crocket bull by any means, but he’s an incredible animal and means much more than a score. He’s a mature bull moose harvested on public land, unguided and in our home state of Colorado.
After quartering and skinning the cape off of the bull we had a relatively short pack out, downhill the whole way luckily. It took us many trips, but it was well worth it. I even got to shoot a grouse on the way out!
I figured Randy would be proud that even with a frame pack full of moose, the hunt for grouse is never put on hold. 😉
This hunt was a lot of things, but above all it was an amazing chance to spend valuable time with my Mom and Dad. The memories I made on this hunt will surely stick with me for the rest of my life. 3546462D-1FB3-4FDC-BCE5-536F8E82F68D.jpeg


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Jul 11, 2021
Real nice. Can't beat having family time. Sure different moose country than I hunt here in ak. But hunting moose is great anywhere.
Take one make one, son taking his mom hunting successfully. That's a really big win