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Is this?


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Apr 19, 2001
I'm just wonderin why this message board is slow? I mean all hound hunting message borads i've been to where slow....I'm just wondering if not many hound hunters have computers? not many hound hunters look fora meessage board er there anrn't that many hound hunters?
I'm wonderin cuase i rely like talkin with other hound hunters and seeing there posting's {im a youngen and can learn some stuff ;) ;)}
Thankz Curt
P.S. IF any1 has some good hound links i'd love to have them thankz


HounterKid ya found the FASTEST HOUND section on the net!!!! All ya have to do is ask the questions!!! Sure are gald to have ya here, and dont be afriad to ask questions. If ya want to go back a few months to some old topics I bet ya could really learn some stuff!! :D :D Maybe a few good fights etc. But there are alot of good stuff posted too. Tell us a little about yourself and ask some questions. Come up with some good topics to discuss. We are here and anyone on this board will be glad to help ya. Come over to the chat board at 7 oclock and get aqauinted with some of the fellas. Bca, and catman, and a few others are there fairly regularly. Good to have ya and hang in here!! bcat

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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I have met about 5-6 hound hunters and NON have had Internet.. ALL Redneck... 4 tooth... OLD GUYS... Uhhhhh OHH WAIT So is BCAT but He posts here ?~?~?~ LOL Bcat

I have a hard time following other theads "KID" so I only make it here once in awhile..... LIke They said though.. When People are Running Hounds.. The Topic Pic up and things Are hard to Follow theyy get so FAST :D :D :D