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Dec 27, 2000
Bozeman, MT
Looks like things are about to get serious with the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) debate here in Montana. This group of 2,500 women, Montana Mountain Momas, is taking on the task of convincing the three Montana Congressional delegates that things are about to change in the public discussion about public lands.

Here is a sample of what they came up with the last week as a result of some votes they found counter to their interests. Not sure who was advising Senator Daines on this, but I doubt they expected a publicity campaign from a couple thousand pissed off Moms. I've not seen their billboards the article refers to.


Hopefully their next ad is a couple Moms hugging Senator Daines for leading the way to reauthorize LWCF and get it fully funded.

My bet is that these 2,500 women, their money, their billboards, and mostly their voice, is going to make life rather difficult for any Montana Congressional delegate who wants to give a head fake on LWCF and public land issues. This is going to get interesting, real quick.

When these Moms learn that Congress is now starting hearings to divest the public of their lands, I hope it grows to be more than just a Montana movement. How cool would it be for a bunch of Moms to be the big stick that gets attention of Congress on these issues. Go get 'em ladies.

"The world is not changed by well behaved women." 2005, Bumper sticker in Butte, Montana.
I see Daine's fishing pole finally showed up in the hands of someone who can operate it.........
Great ad. Hope to see more like it.
Thats awesome, I feel sorry for him....(not really). That ad will bring a lot of interest from diverse demographics to the issue.
Hopefully Daines spends the next five years proposing and supporting legislation in favor of public lands and access.

The background evidence says otherwise though - for the last ten years he has been all gurgle and no guts.
I've seen that look...Momma ain't happy!

This is awesome. Petition signed. Thanks Hunts.
Done and hopefully this will start a Nationwide campaign against these carpetbaggers once and for all...
i voted for daines...also wrote him a letter last week telling him how disappointed I am in his recent votes. no response yet...
I like the one where they are all barefoot. Great ad. Mamma ain't happy ain't nobody happy! :)
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