Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Just got a call from our Resident CHITHEAD / Newbie hunter !!!! He told me he was standing over something........oooooooooo

SUN OF a gun just out did himself with a world record "SPIKE" on his first day out.....

BIG CONGRATS GREENHORN !!!! I know it's "SMALL" but I wish I was there to pack it out with ya :D :D :D
NUT... The way the story goes.. Is he shot it and it dropped like a BAg of CHIT !!!!

I'm guessing that meens he shot it in the BUTT ;)

Isn't this like the 3rd year in a row he shot a little spike on the first day out ?!??!?!! We're going to have to teach the boy somthin' !!!!! He ain't right
And if I know Greeny, He'll probably come back with some Doctored up picture of a big A$$ Elk with him in the picture claiming it was the elk he shot... BUT I heard the real story, It was a "SPIKE" :rolleyes: Hehe....
Oscar this year you have to remeber was differnt.. he jumped out of a tree and cut its head off....
I am kinda thinking he fell out of the tree, but you never know...

I wonder how many ninja throwing stars weekend warrior went through so far?

LOL DELW.... I'm not sure if W.W. even got his yet.... YOU know Ninja's work alone... THEY have both been training in the ASSASIN mode and In the Background I could hear... "HIIIiiiiii - YAH" !!!!!!!

I'm guessing it was Weekend Warrior doing a sneak attack on another SPIKE, Or taking a dump in Greeny's boots ..... Time will tell... Hopefully Greeny will be back to tell the Story. I would, but It's quite boring from the way I heard it....;)

NINJA's RULE !!!!! I love them WITH my WHOLE BODY !!!! (Even my PEE PEE)
Congrats Greenhorn ;)

And Moosie....your sick...BTW, I'll see ya in Kentucky next year :D
Well I'm sorer today that I was after that ridge run, mostly on the tops of my shoulders from carrying that rack out last night. I'm dried off and heading back in today to get the meat. It was a totally sweet day of elk hunting despite the rain and fog all day long. The bull is a 7X7, very massive, knurly and twisted. Very cool rack and the hunt was absolutely bitchin! I came to full draw six times in 4 hours.. and turned down a few other cake bow shots at decent 300+ 6X6 bulls. I had a 320ish bull screaming in my face at under 15 yards at daylight.. I swear it was blowing my hair back. I'll get a picture on here in a day or two. Hopefully I'll be up there helping pack out another one with my buddies that are still hunting. If not, I'm headed to lope country to arrow the FREAK! I still have 20 days off of work and lots of tags in my pocket. The lucky undies paid off again with their 6th bull in a row since acquiring them. Also, my lucky day.. Sept 7th.. my 4th archery elk on that day. It's all about KARMA. !

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Congrats greenie!! Can't wait for the pictures. What area in Idaho did you get him?? North, east, south or west will do.
TK.... Greeny Shot his Spike in Montana.... I had a good 12" bull scoped out during our scouting trip.. I'm jsut hoping it's not him.. Or I'll kick Greeny's butt ;)

LIKe I said.. I knew that lier would come on the board saying it was a big one... SOMETHING like a 7x7.... WHAT a FAKE !!! The story I got was a 12" spike.... BUt, Like I said, He'll be back tomorrow or the next day with a doctored up pic... WHAT a LOOSER

I'm just hoping he doctrs up a pic with a HuntTalk hat in it ?!?!!? Or have one in his Undies... YEOP.. For the contest