Son's first bull (UT)

He wanted to hunt the meadow. We set up around 3:00 and began calling. We didn’t see or hear anything for an hour. Then, we started hearing shooting. Someone who had been in the canyon the previous day shooting was letting off shot sequences of 8-10 rounds at a time. We were close to giving up on the area and I decided to call a couple more times. We got a bugle response. About 4:45 the bull walked back out into the meadow at 250 yards. He was facing straight on. I told my son to just wait for a broadside. About 5 minutes later the bull had moved about 20 yards closer and went broadside. My son let the 140 gr. Sierra GameKing fly from the 7mm-08 and the bull just dropped. I couldn’t believe it. His patience and persistence for finding the bull he wanted was astounding.

Walking up to it, we realized that the meadow was really more of a marsh and was covered in anywhere from 1-6 inches of water. The bull also had gone down directly in a small creek that was about 10 inches deep. Butchering was going to be a challenge for sure. We also realized though that the bull was a 6x6 and a little bigger than what we originally thought.

It was after 5:00 when we started the butchering process and we were going to be soaking wet by the time we finished, so I wanted to get it done as quickly as possible. We were able to get the truck to about 400 yards from the bull and I began breaking him down. My son was able to pack both front quarters and the bags with backstraps, rib meat, and scraps to the truck himself. I only had to pack the rear quarters and we carried the head together.

I can’t explain the pride, excitement, and total thrill it is to see my son accomplish this goal. We have only lived in this great state for a little over 3.5 years, and had never hunted elk or mule deer before moving here. To learn as much as we have learned and for my son to have accomplished this is simply awesome.
That’s a great story! Hope your son enjoyed every minute of it
Awesome story man!! Happy y’all had success and such a great time together!

Hoping for similar experiences with my kid(s) one day.
It was a game changer on this hunt. When we were in WY and shot the cow, I only had him carry the bags with boneless parts and not the quarters. He said he was ready to try the front quarters and he handled them well. Because he was hauling meat back to the truck, I was able to stay there breaking it down and we got the whole thing done in 2.5 hours.
What a team effort. Sounds like you have a hunting partner for life willing to shoot and pack out the meat. Congrats!!