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Gay Man Takes Montana Bull Elk

The Hedgehog

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Dec 19, 2000

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Mike you big thilly, you look thooo hot in that little hunting outfit that i could just eat you up
Dont let your hunting buddies get you down by funnies about you, at least you stay in the closet, you thexy thing
Here is the story:
I completely lost count of the number of days I went elk hunting. I was basically walking around the mountains with a gun in my hand. Most of my last days of hunting before this, I hadn't even seen an elk. The morning of this hunt, I started hiking about 3:00 AM. I arrived at the place I wanted to glass at about 7:30, about half an hour later than I wanted. I glassed for about 30 minutes until I saw a couple of large tan things with horns on them. What the hell are those!! I hadn't seen an elk in so long, I forgot what they look like. I took off over to a ridge across from them where I had a good clear 300 yard shot. The bigger bull was feeding on a steep grassy hillside. I nailed him in the shoulder and he went cartwheeling down the hill about a hundred yards or so. When I went over to look at him, I gave him a gentle tug, and he went cartwheeling down about another 100 yards. I was sure he was going to bust his horns off. I got the first load out to a closer trail head at about 6:30 where some gerbil rammer picked me up to take me back to the other trail head. The next day that same guy helped me pack the rest of that thing out. Having to listen to all of his freakish sex fetish stories while packing my elk was painfully disturbing.

SBD (Formally known as Weekend Warrior)
Weak-end-whorior, WOW... That place looks like I've been there before in my Lifetime.... MAybe in some Past scouting trip or something. Are you sure it's in Montana ?!?! Looks more like a place in.. Ohhh.... MAybe .... Vegas .. If ya know what I mean

Kudos on the Fine Bull... Looks like a good narrow 330 bull if I ever saw one
Look, up on the left right at the tree line, does that sign say;

"Welcome to Yellowstone"

Great bull, Congratulations

When I saw that title "Gay man Takes montana bull elk" I thought TK must of went elk hunting in MT. LOL <---- That was a joke.

But then I thought it over and it must of been Cjcj hunting in MT <---- That wasn't a joke

Anyways Congrats, thats a hella good bull!
Nice picture and elk! Way to go!

(Did the gerbil guy take it like he said? You guys aren't hunting cows later are you? Oh, man, this is not a normal sense of humor up there, is it?)
Nice Bull Elk!!!

Is there a "private joke" here????

Makes me shutter to think about what part he might eat first.

Gotta be someone picking on someone else Right?????????

I gotta go puke now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What was the quote a while back that caused so much contraversy on here?..

Killing that first big bull doesn't necessarily make one a big bull slayer.....but sucking that first kock doth make one a kocksucker..."....or something like that
footinmouth.gif that what you're referring to Moosie?