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Mar 29, 2020
Morning all, I wanted to write a little information that I received from a person that has lived and hunted and guided the wilderness of 16B and 16A. I believe it's about a lady who must love the outdoors as she to have spent the time with hunters for 55 years.
As preparing for a next year and yes way early than most even think about. I'm a person who has to know everything he can possibly learn before he takes on a hunt like the Gila's wilderness hunts.
I have bow hunted most of my adult life and killed many Bucks and Bulls. But non-IMO like what NM has to offer.
After spending much time on all these sites chatting with those willing to help out with information for a person who has never stepped foot on the ground in NM had a lot to learn. Hunting these Bulls for those that hunt knows exactly what I'm talking about. It's a learning curve like just about anything else. Under most situations unless there is much luck involved do we kill this long sot after bulls of our dreams.
I have watched, listened in my searches and seen that most have talked about not only the elk hunts but also the predator situation with the Wolves, Bears, Cats etc. With most of these sites the largest blame seems to go to the Wolves, then the Bears. The reason I'm writing this is because not just one site but many I have heard the fact that the numbers in the Elk herds in the Gila's are not what they once were.
I had the Great pleasure to meet an outstanding Lady who not only knows but, lives amongst the animals in the Gila Unit 16B wilderness with wilderness all around her ranch with 16 A. alongside.
She rides those trails like many others do not. She says the outfitters are few and far between compared to some years ago. Like herself broken down, getting up in age with the Hunting gone so far downhill her outfitter business is more than likely going away after this last winter hunt in 23. Sad when you listen to a lady who has done this most of her adult life.
When you get the pleasure to meet such a woman whom I call miss Becky your ears are wide with the enjoyment of the listen to what she has to say. 55 years of riding, setting up camps, and guiding her few hunters over the years has seen it all come and most gone from what she talks about.
The Wolves most are speaking about destroying the elk calving herd were once true. But listening and taking it all in, it goes like this! when the wolves first entered and branched out getting stronger and stronger with the reproductive part of the Wolve families they were really starting to take hold on the elk population. As the years went on and watching the slowly demise of the elk herds, carcasses found deep in the Gila's and Gitting more frequent that the wolf population was taking hold.
Of late she went on to explain how there isn't enough food for the wolves of today. Most packs have moved in search for better and easier game numbers. The wolves siting is further Apart today.
What she sees and believes whole hardily that it's not the Wolves that everyone talks about decimating the herds, it's the Bear population in the Gila units that have exploded and gotten so big that they alone are killing the Calf Elk Herds within the Gila Wilderness and Gila's in general. She indicates it seems that when things go Arye which in some cases are understandable because of what once was. The continuation of blame gets carried through to the Wolves, when in reality in today's world it's our Bear population. Today when hunters, packers or hikers are asked what they seen its usually Bear siting's much more than any at all of Wolf siting's.
Now the bust-up elk horns some are chatting about are not from the brittle lack of moisture I have seen on these sites, it's the Rutt which is a very common occasion during the rut. The more moisture that elk country gets the better the Feed not only to fatten the elk herds but also connects with the Horn Growth. All in all, we have a better elk herd if our calves make it through the rough times of growing but, also fatter and much healthier Animals, along with much better Horn Growth with a Weter summer and earlier spring.
When we all as Hunters get to speak with someone who really knows the in's and out of a place where they have spent all their lives Packing and Hunting the back country, that is a Stuart of her wilderness mountains. It is hard not to pay attention and take all you can from such an awesome lady. I have been Bow hunting for well over 35 years and have met some wonderful people here on these sites. We are all here to help in our own way to make our hunts just a little easier. As hunters and many of us Vets we owe it to one another to do what we need to enhance our wildernesses and hunting communities making them a better place.
Miss Becky made me see those Things. We need to help control our predator populations. instead of taking it for granted. In many places our Elk and deer Populations are not what they once were. What I have seen from Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, and moving into Colorado are the protected Wolf populations. Wolves and Bears are a huge reason on our declining once huge Elk and Deer populations. But it seems we as Hunters take a huge part in the blame of the declining numbers. We need the dept of fish and game to help back the Hunters and we do have a voice if we all work together to abolish what the environmentalist tries to push on our game. Thanks all. Good Hunting to all. Michael 75
I drew an any weapon bull tag for 16B & 22 for 2024. I've hunted a couple of years in Unit 23 and have just begun my e-scouting for this year. I'm looking forward to tracking down information and having conversations with anyone who has set foot in this unit. I plan to take some days this summer to get a better idea of access and terrain.
My outfitter strongly suggests buying a bear tag...says there will be a good chance seeing one especially we get lucky and kill a bull and sit on the carcass.
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