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? for Moosie or whoever knows, Idaho Deer Season


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Nov 11, 2003
SE Idaho/El Paso, TX
Was anything interesting said at the public meeting on Wednesday March 24th?

Anyone know what happened at the Idaho Fish and Game Commission meeting that took place March 25-26?
Nothing was Said that caught me off guard. There was Talk on 4-wheelers Restrictions (10-1 didn't want it) and a little about the MUZZ season over here. In the Paper they talked about the Units that they did the Restrictions on 4-wheelers and Unit 39 didn't get them.

What I did Find interesting was they had a "MOCK" set of reegs printed out. When Someone Pointed it out they said it was just a MOCK set and they didn't have their minds made up yet... HUmmm What do you think ;)
"MOCK", what the heck kind of response was that? I cold buy into them calling it a "draft", but would be a little apprehensive with use of the other term.

Anyway Moosie, check out my slepping bag question in the ??? forum. Hell, I can't even remember the what the name of the forum was. I guess I don't use it often. :confused: :rolleyes:
I'm not sure what Kind of Response that was.. they actually had it on the Comissioners table and When Someone Stood up and Spoke then at the End Pointed at it and Leaned over twards it they picked it up and Said it was a Mock printup for them to go over but nothing was Set yet.... Riiiiiiighhhhht.. I'm sure they meant Draft ... :rolleyes: I know the Printing cost. You don't mess around with Printing stuff like that twice.

Great, Now F&G is going to read this and I won't draw any Idaho Permits this year ;)
Thanks Moosie,

The F&G had a mock/draft regs printed out? At the meeting I went to a couple weeks ago they gave out mock/draft regs printed on a couple pages of regular copy paper. Were the ones that you saw something like that or was it a full blown copy that looked like normal regs.

Were only 11 guys at the meeting last Wednesday?

I'm surprised that most of the people over there were agianst the 4-wheeler restrictions. Everyone that spook up at the meeting I went to a couple weeks ago wanted more units to have the new ATV restrictions and I haven't talked to anyone in the past year that doesn't like the new restricts(the internet doesn't count). Maybe you guys in Boise are all just fat and lazy??? LOL
I don't think that ATV's should be band from hunting but do need to be restricted in the exact way it is printed on page 4 of the 2003 regs. I just don't think people should hunt on the seat of there 4-wheeler and drive their ATV around the hills until they see a buck. Most places that you could take a 4-wheeler you can't get more than a mile or two from a road anyway. If you think you need a 4-wheeler to walk that far then you need the exercise anyway.
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