Proposed Big Game Season Structure (BGSS) 2025-2029 - Colorado

I have a feeling they total deer tag numbers wont change in a single unit. For example, they may give out 100 tags total. They give 50 2nd season, 30 3rd season and 20 4th season. I imagine they will just redistribute some quantity to 1st while maintaining the same total in the unit.
My problem is that if they are truly using this as a management tool, why not just increase tags during the rut in those areas that need thinning? Why not add the tags when the animals are more active and in a way that doesnt add extra stress to the elk during 1st season. I think this is a terrible idea

It says in the pdf that they would shift tags from the later seasons into the 1R season
I don't really like any of that. I thought I had made that clear to hem last time I commented but I'll do it again I guess.

Aug deer does sound fun, but I see higher risk of hunter/vacationer conflicts.

If they do all of that I am concerned it'll push game even more to private land.
ALL of these sound to just pressure game even more.
I read a while back it was coming, and Colorado asked for input by having us register on the "Engage CPW" website. Draw only for archery??? Whose idea was that?? As a non-resident I would expect it for me, but not for residents.
Surprised they would go draw for archery and leave rifle tags over the counter? You’d think rifle season harvest rates would much higher.

I think that’s the point. I believe the goal is to keep the elk on public during archery so they aren’t blown out before rifle season (certain Flat Tops units are structured like this now if I’m not mistaken).
Why? You have bucks at their very most vulnerable time and if its a good bull he's figured out how to hide in plain site.

deer hunters deserve their own rifle season. They get the shaft in this regard.

Elk bros chasing 2.5 year old 4x4 bulls can pound sand
I’m really not opposed to the first deer season as long as tags for it come out of the 2nd-3rd-4th quota for that unit.

That’s a tough time of year to be hunting deer, and every tag pulled out of 3rd and issued for first has a high chance of not ending up on a buck. Getting back to “normal” season dates will help a few more deer stay on the mountain too. There just might be hope for CO’s deer moving forward.
Literally - those were the lowest-ranked options from the public comments:

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I tend to give CPW the benefit of the doubt with a lot of these as they have historically stuck fairly close to their guns on giving high attention to the highest-ranked public concerns (e.g. the 'Breaks between seasons' thing). Taking the literal opposite path is just a head-scratcher.
Wait, politicians don't care about our opinions?
Will the draw for archery have a large impact on point creep? Seems like it will. Once archery tags can't be picked up on a second choice decisions will be made. Same would happen for rifle it ot went limited it seems?
As a resident, I'm happy to see them considering a change to full draw for archery elk. Yes, it would make way more sense to remove all OTC, but changing archery is a step in the right direction imo. OTC archery tag sales have doubled in the last 20 years, OTC rifle tag sales have dropped or stayed constant over the years.
I'm glad they haven't totally gotten rid of OTC opportunities completely (yet). I do think however they should maybe cut one of the two OTC rifle seasons, either second or third. And, as I've said before and I commented to them, any tag should result in burning points. That includes draw, OTC, leftover, etc. On another note, the regs for this season are out and it is worth noting that there are 10 or 12 NW units where OTC rifle bull elk tags will only be valid on private land for this season and next due to the 22/23 winter.
Well if every “archer” didn’t have a $2500+ bow, GoPro, and a YouTube channel it might not be potentially going otc to draw. Archery hunters are good at wounding and driving herds to private without meeting harvest goals. Archery isn’t a primitive season or fringe method anymore.
If archery goes draw and rifle stays OTC, people are just going to move to the rifle hunts.
Don’t see that happening. In my age group (millennial) I know about 15 “archery hunters” that take their bows for a hike every year in the Denver metro. I know a couple other guys that hunt archery and rifle and they do pretty well with both. Most have never seen an elk while hunting. They think can Haynes is awesome and don’t even own a rifle. It’s the cool thing to do. They aren’t doing it to fill their freezers. Most have only been hunting for the last 5 or so years.

I would say in the same age and area demographic I know about 3 rifle hunters.

Just a small personal observation of the millennial hunting crowd.