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Congrats to Moosie


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Dec 14, 2000
Boise, Id.
On his four point, it was the largest one the check station had seen.
Lets hear the story, Moosie.
Thanx for the Kudos man. Here's the Story ~

Friday we ( Wylee and me ) set out to meet Warren and Jason for a Sat morning deer hunt. We got up to the lodge and set up in the Camper. Back to the Lodge for a Chocolate Shake and A big ol’ Burger !!! Warren showed up at 9:45 with stories of the day. He had seen 2 little bucks, 1 little bull and 2 bear. Not bad for a days hike. We stayed up till midnight figuring out what/were the next day would bring us.

5:00 came early, but sharing a bed with Wylee made It worth while.
We drove over to the place we were starting from and Unloaded. Someone was Ahead of us already but they passed the logging road that we were starting from. Fter getting on the packs we started the Hike. Well, I had forgotten my Gun in the truck and after laughing and getting made fun of we went back. Warren, ( Using Jasons truck because he bailed but told Warren to use it anyways ), hit the PANIC button instead of the open Button. The air was Filled with Horns and noise that would alert deer/elk for Miles around. On top of that we were all laughing so hard that the morning “Sneak” wasn’t on !!

We hiked in 4 miles (4.1 if Wylee will correct me I think) and sat in a Saddle. We got a game plan after I spotted some deer across the Canyon. I had actually wanted to Drop a bit in Elevation and Make a loop and hook back up with Wylee and Warren in about 2 hours. They headed to the Left to get a better look at the deer across the Canyon and I headed to the Right to see some Country.

I was Only gone 5 mins or so when I looked into a draw. I didn’t see anything so Decided to move on. As I stepped behind a Bush a buck Snorted and Stomped off. I sprinted to Get a Glance at it and Threw my backpack off and Layed in the Prone position to take a peak. It was a Buck alright. It was in the Sun a bit so I couldn’t see it all that well. It stopped on a little finger ridge less then 100 Yards of looking back at the noise it heard but seeing nothing. I was Tucked in the Grass. I got out the Binos and Glassed the Buck. It was inside of the Ears which meant it was Only 18”-20” wide. As it turned it’s hear I seen the One side had 4 points. I figured I’d take him and that was that. I shifted a bit and Layed the Crosshairs right at the Base of it’s neck.

Ker~BLAM !!! the buck almost hit the ground before the Sound hit my ears. It didn’t even take ½ step. It was All she wrote.

Now….. I decided to turn on the Radio and Se if the other guys did. I finally got a call. Here is how it went :

Wylee “ Moosie, is your Radio on ? “
Moosie “Yup.”
Wylee” Was that you that shot?”
Moosie “Yup.”
Wylee”Was it a deer or Elk ?”
Moosie “Deer.”
Wylee “Well, was it a big one ?!?!”
Moosie “Well.. Let me walk over to it to see if I found it or not, then I’ll tell ya.”

Ya see, we have this On going joke that if someone shoots a forked forn more then 4 miles back it we say we can’t find it. Now grant it we’ve taken Critters out of the Field (Forkies) were we were 6+ miles back in. But it’s still funny.

I walked up to it and Checked out the rack. Looked it over and gave them a Call back. They were going to hunt for the next 1.5-2 hours and I deboned it and bagged it up. Fortunately the weather wasn’t all that bad and stayed fairly cool. The buck wasn’t all that big. Barely legal I’d say for a 4-point. But I was happy. Someday I’ll hold out for a real buck. But until then, I’ll settle or these Medium sized ones.

They showed up and I loaded up the Pack with all but the Back straps and the Rib meat. Warren took that. We got an Evening plan and Wylee was to bail off this one side shoot a buck. Unfortunately that never came to pass. Seems there wasn’t any deer to be found that evening.

Warren and me made it back to the truck and left to go look for a water Spout that He dropped the Night before. He was in a Heli pad and it was dark so he couldn’t find it. There was a trail over there so we hopped onto the MotorBike and Headed out…

Well, this, My Friends is were it got fun. I had to hold my legs up to keep them from Dragging. I had a good system down for aways but lowered my foot at one point. My right foot hit a Log that was Sticking out. SMASH !! A almost cried like a Baby and Limped around for a while. I got back on the Bike and Learned not to hold yer foot out while on a bike !!

We went to the Heli pad and found the nozzle. We had to park about 100 ft from it. There was a Stupid sign saying we couldn’t go any further. So, Being Honest folk we hopped off and Walked over. Walking back We saw a 4-wheeler coming down the trail. I’m not against 4-wheelers by any meens but this Guy was Going to get a Punch in the Fuggin Mouth !!!! Obviously signs said no 4-wheelers.

He came down and my gun was unloaded so I knew not to shoot him. As I walked up me Anger went away realizing he was with the Forest service busting folks ~SMILE~. He said last weekend he busted 5 people that were up there knowingly.

Well, We made it back to the Lodge. And Wylee met up with us later that nght (We left one rig at the bottom of the place for him). Had a good dinner, and Went to bed. We slept in Blowing off the Sunday hunt and went home to make our Wives happy. I got to take mine out for dinner and am back in good standing. Now, It’s next Sat for some Elk chasing with AWSOME weather coming in.

Wish me luck !!!

PS, Pictures will be up tomorrow of the critter.
Good place to hunt it sounds like. I'm glad to hear that guy was getting people in vehicles where they were not supposed to be. I didn't like hiking up a mountain and down some logging roads to meet a person on a vehicle that was not supposed to be there.

Glad you got him, are you all hunting the same area for elk and for deer?
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Glad you got him, are you all hunting the same area for elk and for deer? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Kind of..... It's the Same, but different
we're within 5 miles of where we elk hunt.
MntMAn.. Uhhhh I don't dress my deer, that must be an "AZ" thing

Ithica. I actually left my hat at camp. I brought along a new Hat I got from KiwiHunta. It was a Wool Bini like my one. I wore it instead.

Thanx for the Kudos. Now it's cutting up time
Here is a few More pics :



Here is a Picture of the Country that we were hunting, I'll take a picture next week and there will be a foot of snow. WAY AWSOME !!! :


Here is Wylee Passing GAS :


Here is Warren Doing the Same :


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