My Montana WT quest round 2

They did good @Little Big Man MT Chris
Now it is time for 2024 for you to get you a nice muley.
Don't you have some blacktail euro mounted from your time in OR?
Ya , 3 my wife’s biggest Blacktail and one of which I regret not shoulder mounting and my 4 point eastern Oregon Mule deer .

I want another WT buck , for whatever reason I’m obsessed with them , but if I come across a bigger muley than my euro , shots will be fired!!!

Wife’s buck IMG_6313.jpeg
He was one big bodied pig , and was in a nasty hole in a down pour , a logging buddy of mine was in the area hunting with his son and came over and we ended up pulling him out with the chainsaw winch up to the logging road


My 1st Blacktail

Me mule

My 2nd Blacktail and my regret

He was a really old Roman nose buck with a big split ear on one side and a bullet hole through the other , where I assumed someone tried a head shot years earlier when he was little and they missed

I took this buck in 2016, and then two years later in 2018 in the same canyon or draw and less than 1000 yards apart. My wife got her biggest buck pictured above and if you look at the antlers from each buck there pretty identical in the fact that you’ve got a big third in the back And a little crab claw fork in the front , it’s always had me wonder if my buck sired my wife’s buck

He was a proud old warrior, he dropped in the scope on the shot and let out a death bleat that echoed and filled the canyon before he died , haunted me for days, not before or after have I ever heard a deer do that . He would have made an amazing shoulder mount

Side by side comparison
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