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Calling in a moose.....


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Mar 25, 2002
Any one ever done this?? Some guy was telling me the other day he heard about a coffee can method, that involves a coffee can and a string. Anyone hear of this?? And if so, how do build this contraption??

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Oh that coffee can and string thing??

It was perfected. Now its called a Telephone
1-800-moose just got me moosies house, and he don't shiet about moose calling. So there I used both of yours advice, mules was the phone, elkies was to call Moosie and I have come to the conclusion that niether of you know anything about calling Meese either. Any other suggestions???
Foreskin... I actually know this method... HAHA !! They use it in New Zealand to call in Red Stag... I think the call works better but the String and Coffee can work too.....

The way the N.Z. boys do it... WELL, Kinda sux A$$ I think...

Maybe I'll have time tomorrow to post how its done :D :D :D HAHA

Sucks to have to tune back in huh ;)
I kids don't know how to do shit anymore....anyway, Wolfie, try this:

Using a hammer and nail, punch a small hole in middle of the base of an empty coffee can.

Tie a knot in one end of a shoelace, and insert the other end in the hole. Pull the shoelace through the other side until the knot hits outside of the coffee can (the shoelace should now be inside the can).

Use some water to moisten the shoelace. Hold the can under one arm, and grab the shoelace with the other hand. Pull hard. The vibrations on the wet shoestring are amplified by the coffee can to produce the sound a moose makes.

If the sound is too metallic, put some wet leaves in the can to dampen the metal sound.
Thanks, whitedeer, finally someone that knows some chit. So any old shoelace will work?? What about para cord? Pull in one long continuous motion or is there a sequence or cadence that works better? And what kinda call am I producing? A bull or a cow or a horny bull or a horny cow? or what?
I was trying real hard not to make any disgusting comments about the string pulling thing.And just gave myself a pat on the ass for doing so well. :D

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GREAT Whitedeer.. I was gonig to make him wait a day... :D :D

In N.Z. they used Diesel becasue It makes a better sound then water for some reason. Thats why I said it SUCKS !! Then put grass in the bottom of the can or cup it on the leg for muffle sounding.....

I think it's too cumbersome to use and hike around in the field. I've used the CALL and it works well.....
I don't think I want friggin diesel fuel all over my hands, or did you mean a Diesel and just toot the horn a bunch? Is there a brand of diesel fuel that smells like moose dung or piss?
The shoelace has a knot in one end. The knot is on the outside of the bottom of the can. The shoelace runs through the hole, and up through the inside of the can. The entire can is held under the arm, open end forward. The wet shoelace is gripped near the bottom, inside the can (near where it comes through the hole), and pulled at various speeds to make a moaning sound.. You are trying to emulate the moaning of a "hot" cow. (pretend you are trying to make the moaning sound that Moosie would make if he had been running thru the woods panless for a week ,without taking a dump, and he was hung over a limb moaning in different cadance, constipated as hell) What you are trying to do is make that old bull start smackin' his lips and start grunting and moving towards you. You have to be prepared for two things, either pulling the trigger or pulling your pants down,,,,,cause somethings going to happen. Para chord would work....moose hide would work very well. The best time to call moose is late in the evening and early in the morning. If you don't want to lug the can, make yourself a trumpet from bark and moan thru it.
I would recommend getting some moose hunting video and listening to the moose in them. They are really very easy to immitate with your voice and it beats packing around a stinking tin can. I have also seen people use milk jugs the same way or heavy plastic jugs like those that anti-freeze come in. Also a great tool for moose is an old should blade dried in the sun. When these are raked in the trees they sound alot like moose horns. Calling moose is much like calling elk, it is much better to cow call. The long moans (go figure) mimics the sounds a cow will make when she is trying to stifle the advances of an unwanted smaller bull. These calls with soft bull grunts on occasion will work well when they are rutting. Happy hunting, Casey