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ID Panhandle Moose


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Sep 11, 2017
ID Panhandle
Thanks all!

My wife and I did a quick one night trip this weekend grouse/small game hunting in the moose area since the neighbor was out there hunting. The neighbor ended up shooting a young bull moose Saturday afternoon. Also talked to a couple other moose hunters. They were all older guys that wanted to winch a moose into the pickup box whole. We saw a spike cross the road Sunday morning and the one hunter was 5 minutes too late and it was already into the trees. Sounds like the beautiful weather has not been conducive to rut activity.

And while we were grouse hunting we came across an awful smell and followed the wind to this carcass. Bummer to find. It was only about 1 mile from where I shot my moose, but up and down over a higher ridge. If it was wound loss, only 3 other hunters it could have been based on the few I had talked to. I contacted the local CO and he said he I am ok to keep the head but he is going to investigate. Quite a ways from likely moose hunting spots based on access, so would have ran a ways from a poor shot.

The stink pile :sick:. 48.5"

dead moose.jpg

Also, I did get one grouse. Need to work on my grouse spots.


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Sep 10, 2017
Post Falls, ID
Congrats on a successful and fun season. I had this fella visit me at my elk/deer glassing spot earlier this week. We had a 20-ish minute staring contest and then he ambled off down the hill. He was 28 yards at the closest. I have a OIL Idaho moose tag for the Unit I was in…for the November 1-14 season!! Hope he lingers in that general area for a couple weeks!!!

Later that afternoon I came across a couple guys who had a very nice bull moose down on the other side of that Unit. I pitched in to help them dress him out. A great opportunity to participate in processing such a large animal ahead of “game time” for me. Turns out we knew a bunch of the same folks through our respective careers. Small town Idaho life at it’s best!

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