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Pretty much the way I put it to my daughter. She was pushed through too fast because she was a female with an attitude and it didn't relate to talent. @JohnCushman will be pissed!
I’m not sure that 3 years in a good truck and then stepping to Xfinity is moving too fast.

I think you also have to put some blame on Ford. They do not have the development pipeline that Chevy and Toyota currently have. They are either going to have to start making an investment in the lower series or try to cherry pick some drivers at the cup level.

They just let Chase Briscoe walk to JGR and Rodney Childers is going to be sitting on a Chevy box next year. Blaney and Joey are both elite talent, RFK has gotten better but it’s a steep drop from there
Now if only that jerk could get kicked out of the series that would be fantastic. There isn't a driver that I have ever hated more than Bubba.

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