Anyone see varmit hunter

Rich Higgins

New member
Jul 6, 2003
Scottsdale, Az.
on the Outdoor Channel last week? On the Traditions show ,after having never shot a muzzle loader before the previous day, varmit hunter proceeded to make a neckshot, open sights, 136 yards, and dropped a beautiful, huge whitetail buck in it's tracks. I keep remembering things like this when Ronnie professes ignorance.
I saw it Rich,
For those of you who don't know ol'Ronnie,(Varmit Hunter) the man is one of the smartest hunters I know. He comes with that dry wirey Texas sence of humer and a natural way of tellin a story that only reminds me of huntin camp. So much sometimes I can smell the smoky fire.

I feel very honored to have guys like, Ronnie R. and Rich H. Posting here at Moosies for everyone to draw this knowledge from. If you listen close maybe you can smell the smoky fire also.