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Aug 10, 2002
Here are a few of the pics I took while on the trip. Will post more, and the story upon my return.

2 1/2 miles of "thick" brush busting and wading through bogs. I hate hippers...need I say more?


The fourth and final camp we established on the way up through the mountains.


Greg and "his" ram.


The two of us w/ the ram...


Of course, a pic with me and the ram


Pack'n it out!


Me, glassing for my big'n.


It snowed on us the last night we stayed on top of the mountain. This is the same mountain we took the ram from.


Having the opportunity to take this ram, I passed the chance off to Greg. The last (and only) ram I took with LBG a few years ago was "just" full curl, as was this one. I was wanting something a bit bigger than the one I already have, and just didn't find it...this year. This area is on a rebound, and I expect the hunting to be good next year, and great the year after, so long predation and the winters don't kill all the sub-legal rams off. I want to head back in two years...there will be some hawgs there, for sure. This ram was very symetrical, but not real big. About 4"s smaller than the ram I shot a few years ago...length was 32 on this one.

I anchored the ram in an area where Greg could lay him down. The technique I used is called the "Trojan Sheep". Dressed in whites (sheep's clothing) I distracted the sheep (which was about 500 yds away) by prancing around on all fours on the side of the mountain. It worked great, this time. Hanging out in the glacial merain, the ram met his match. Really cool, and I got some of it on tape.

Will tell more later. Again, there is a "sad" ending to this story. Enjoy the pics, I'll make more <grin>.


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Nice pics,Lets hear the sad ending, stop the suspense, i cant take it anymore
please, now, here, do it, give it to me, what happened??
Great story and pics Ovis. Good luck to you next year in finding the one you want. How many legal rams did you see during the hunt?
I want to see pics of you prancing around in whites....

Great pictures, and congrats on getting your buddy a sheep.

Now we just need the "rest" of the story...
l concur with everyone that is some awesome country!!!..sorry to hear u did not get your ram. welldone to your mate & look forward to hearing and seeing more.. ds
Congratulations on what looks like another great, successful hunt. Like everyone one else said, "What pictures!" Nothing like that in Nevada. I'm looking forward to the next group of pictures. A couple of questions, if its ok. What camera did you use (model, size)? Your colors seem much more saturated than mine, using an Olympus C-700.

And the second question, only if your comfortable with it- In a very broad, very general sense, what overall area (unit?), did the sheep come out of (not asking for secret spots or privilaged infromation, or details). Ignore this question if you find it too forward.

From other posts, it sounds like you're starting to settle in at Mountain Home,


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I should add, no matter what picture I see you in you've always got that "I'm having a great time Grin" .
(I'm sure others would be more discriptive

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Thank you all for the compliments on the pictures and Greg's ram. I enjoy sharing the adventure with you all. I just got home not too long ago, and will be setting up to post more pics and details soon.

Big Sky

Good funny! You got me grinning...hehehe!


I don't plan to go back to this area until '05. Overall, I seen more rams in this area than I have in any other. The problem is, they are all lacking a few inches & rings. Based on the full curl method, this was the only legal ram we seen. There were possibly three others that were legal based on growth rings, but I wasn't able to get close enough into 'em to verify. Two of the three were absolute hogs and will probably score around 170 once they hit full curl. A little time, and some hope that survival rates will be high throughout the next few years will definitely have things looking good for me.


This guy was exactly eight years old.


I don't have any still pics of me in my whites from this trip. I have some from my very first sheep trip which was four years ago. I recorded some footage w/ my buddy's camcorder while he stalked the ram. I briefly turned the cam on me, and if we can get some still shots off of the tape, I might be able to swing something. BTW, I have us a 14' round raft with a rowing frame "if" we decide to do moose. It is in Fairbanks and ready to use whenever I want...for free. So no shipping cost or rental fees. I also had an offer from the pilot I used (been using him for 4 years now) for a moose hunt next year. Would run two guys about $725. Guy said in the past 5 years he hasn't brought anything out smaller than 60"...that is big words, but I believe him. He also stated, these moose feed much better than the ones in the interior, so they are bigger bodied (which I could live without). Will chat more with you on this one. May have to decide between POW for bear or this moose hunt.


You should come by here more often buddy. Thanks for the kudos, and no I don't mind leaking a little info. This ram came from the Chugach Mountains.

The camera I am using is the same one I have been toting for two years now, the Sony F707 Cybershot. I carry a few different lenses with me as well. I prefer to use Photoshop, but I used Microsoft Picture It! 7.0 to do a "levels" adjustment on some of them...this could be the major difference in color you are seeing. However, if you go to, I think you can get a good comparison between the Oly, Nikon, Sony, etc on saturation, hue, color, etc....there is some difference. Other than the reds being too bright sometimes, I really like the color the Sony displays.

Gonna finish up a few things around the house and will get some more pics loaded up.

Thanks again people!
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