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A tip for following blood trails.


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Dec 18, 2000
Mesa, AZ
I was sitting here mentally going over my list of stuff to pack before the hunt and remembered something that I promised to take with me this time. Hydrogen Peroxide.

If you have to follow a blood trail through leaves that are pretty much the color of blood, spraying a little hydrogen peroxide out of an atomizer bottle works wonders. Any time it comes in touch with blood, it foams up. It will also cause fresh blood to phosphoress and almost glow in the dark. So I'm taking a small squirt bottle of H2O2 with me this year. Just a tip I thought worht sharing.

I have this cool little spray bottle I got from my dry erase board marker kit. I've already cleaned it and had intended on using it full of animal scents. But for big game this year, I will definaetley test out this little trick. Actually, I hope I get a nice heart shot and have no need for the tip!:D
It works! I used it once to recover a bear in the pouring rain. The blood was pooling up on the ends of the leaves from the rain and it still would make the blood fizzle. Hydrogen peroxide is very cheap, but for you guys that are just TOTAL cheap asses you can mix it with water also and save yourself .15 cents.
danr55; That's a good tip, I once knew but had forgotten. It's really helpfull to those who are color blind - read > me! :(
If you need hydrogen peroxide to follow a blood trail you better plan on bringing about 1000 gallons with you. I don't mean to be overly critical but I don't anyone will ever say, "If it wasn't for the hydrogen peroxide I never would've found it." I think you should bring an extra flash light or better yet a good dog to help you recover your game instead.
Urine does the same thing Yetty. Just bring a six-pack and pee on your blood trail. That's what I always do, whether I can see the blood trail or not.
I think its a good idea to bring the H2O2, the guys i hunt with like to frost the tips of each others hair in camp and it works better than bleach.

I wish i would've heard of this idea earlier, it might have helped with the bull i wounded this year. Im colorblind and once the blood dried i had a hard time telling if spots on down logs were really blood or not.
I like Greenhorn's method! Sounds like more fun. Tequila would be better, it helps me to flip out easier for chopping the head off for no reason.
we have some broomsage fields that have roots that are red like blood when you shine a light on them.....its a b!tch to follow a blood trail after dark in those. I'll try the peroxide on it first and if that does not do the trick I'll frost the tips of my hair and pee around a bit and see what happens :D
Heard this years ago, but never tried it. Thanks for the reminder, maybe I'll remember to take some with me this afternoon on my hunt.

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