300" Idaho Non-typical Shed?!


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Apr 17, 2004
Old Aly Mathews (a.k.a. maniac) claims this shed represents a 300" non-typical still roaming the Idaho hills. He owns a place up near Challis, ID. Anyone have any details?

Rainbow Lodge? If it is the Rainbow Lodge there is some impressive headgear in there. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't believe all the antlers on display there are from ID.

Reguardless, I'd sure like to see a buck like that on the hoof during season.
I know Maniac personally. He's a bit goofy to some at times, a bit abrasive at others, But Ali has some Top knotch antlers. He's the real deal in my book. Whether he Buys the antlers which most are or he shoots them which he has as well. Antlers are Cool and I'm guessing he's not making it up.

Welcome Mr Uranus :D
So moosie, as DHI president I think it should be your responsibility to gather some info on this monster shed for us. Maybe email me the GPS coordinates to the buck this fall? :D
thats a nice shed..o well got a couple pics i need to get posted sometime this year of deer my pops has killed in idaho
that shed is unreal!! to bad there ahs been so much negativity surrounding it..Thanks for posting the pic
That Shed is from Idaho! And yes it is from a buck that would score oveer 310 if the other side matched. The shed is about 5 years old, The deer could still be alive, but I doubt it. Great shed don't you think. It's the biggest shed that I have ever seen. I have a number that would score over 260 and I thought they were big.

Moosie, Congrats on your meeting with Brad!
That is one fantastic shed....Wouldn't that make one wet himself if he was tramping thru the mountains and just happened to stumble upon such a beast... :eek: :D
Welcome to Hunttalk to a bunch of you new fellows.... :D :D :D

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