One Eyed Game Warden?

Well let’s look at the whole picture here. We’re talking about a big bull with a broken tip who looks like he’s been through some things. We wouldn’t make fun of a vet who’s been through ‘Nam if he’s just sitting at the end of the bar having a beer, right?

This cow should feel bad about the things he did at the battle of Dong Xaoi
Here is a true story that happened to me and my family years ago. Believe it or not I don't care.
My family and I were in northern Mexico bow hunting.
Mexican soldiers massacred my wife and children, so I vowed revenge on the soldiers. One night, I heard the mountain spirits tell me, “You will never die in battle, nor... by gun. I will guide your arrows.”

Later, in a fight against Mexican soldiers, I refused to rain arrows down on the armed soldiers from a safe distance. Instead, I rushed the enemies, running in a zigzag pattern so they couldn't fire at me. When I got close enough, I went after the soldiers with a knife, took their rifles, and ran back. The pattern repeated so many times that Mexican soldiers started yelling "Gringo!" when I charged at them.
Hate when that happens.
Worked with? You frisked them over the phone? They're not all like remote control cars that you control with a hand control in person. I like it when LE says all informants have a felony records. Does that mean that LE has power over them and basically own them because of this? Like the informants are extorted or exploited? Not all informants have records, some are just good samaritans or volunteers. Forest from the trees there LE. I also like how LE don't ask about the dead or one eyed law dog, it's all about how the help is wrong and LE is always right(y)Haven't told you about the state investigator had the "Hiker" arrested a few weeks prior for getting too close to the missing person case that involved the missing person ending up dead on a LE deer lease. The "Hiker" was mentioned by the feds to the state investigator. The feds suggested that the state investigator contact the "Hiker" and talk to them. The feds gave state police the "Hiker's" number. He didn't contact the "Hiker" and the feds got concerned, and asked the "Hiker" about it. The "Hiker" said never any luck with state police. The state investigator served a warrant on the "Hiker" and had them arrested. The FBI forced the state investigator to release the "Hiker" on a personal reconnaissance bond and the charge was dropped. The acting Sheriff in that county resigned from the heat and pressure of this case. Lots of dead or missing, or even the unknown being kept hidden from the public. The "Hiker's" cover was blown by a corrupt state investigator because of this arrest and their life was endangered. The state investigator contacted the "Hiker" after this and said that he could no longer contact them. The state investigator got in a pickle. A game warden from that same county had already tried to lure the "Hiker" in to arrest them, but the "Hiker" didn't show up. The Hiker was and still is a target of the state. No arrests have been made in the missing now dead victim's case. Probably never will either.
This is what happens when ChatGPT goes awry. Fear the AI folks!
So I been covering a lot of miles in Montana and not seeing many mule deer. But I only have one good eye. Thought I would post that here.

Oh and my sisters 3rd ex husband is a warden and he is undercover cia also. That’s why they had such a nice house.

Edit: forgot to add I lost the eye to Covid
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