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  • Hello BucksnDucks, I live in Shingle Springs, just down from Placerville. I drove up to Area 90 three straight days before I even saw an antelope. Shot the doe from the first large herd I the intersection of 191 and 153, went on 153 approx. a quarter of a mile, turned right and drove a dirt road that led me to a water pond. Turned around and coming back on the dirt road saw a herd of approx. 20 antelope. Got out and stalked two does off to the side. The sage brush was waist high so could not drag her out, so drove my truck in about fifty yds. I was told that the "Sublet Herd" had not yet come down from the Pinedale area, due to the lack of warmer weather. You're going to have a "Ball" with your son!!!!! You don't have to get out there at 6:00 AM (9:00 AM is great!!) because they stay out ALL DAY!!! You miss one, drive down the road twenty minutes and there's some more!!!! I would highly suggest hunting above/north of 153 going up 191. Have a great time and Good Luck!!!!!
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