10 Year Streak Finally Broken


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Aug 2, 2002
NW Ohio
Well after atleast 10 years of unsuccessful deer seasons and unfilled tags, I finally made up for it this year. I wasn't in the woods maybe 15-20 minutes Monday morning for the opener of shotgun season when I bagged myself a decent 7pt. buck at about 75 yards as he dashed across a field. Shot a little high on him as my slug shattered a vertibre, but it got the job done.

Went back out Tuesday morning with the intention of just playing dog for my brothers, but ended up tagging myself a really nice doe at about 11am from inside of 50 yards. I'd stopped to take a breather along a fence row between two patches of trees, and she must have been spooked by one of my brothers as she came from right where I was driving to. Again my aim was off a tad as my slug hit her in the neck severing her jugular vein, but with the fresh snow it was easy tracking. She made it about 200 yards before we cound her layed up beside a tree.

Needless to say my brothers weren't to happy with the 2-0-0 score. In total we saw 34 deer the two days we were out, but most were well out of slug range. Sure beats my last two years out without seeing a single deer. Hope everyone else is having as much success as I am. Be safe and have fun, thats what it's all about.

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Well, stupid me (as usual) totally forgot about taking pictures until I was packing my bags and getting ready to leave. I did manage to snap a few of them hanging in the shop before heading out, but have 21 pic's left on the roll so it might be awhile before I can post them.
Well ya better get to snapping..And congrats on your kill...We love to see that stuff around here...Way to go.... :D :D :D
If you don't hurry up and get pics on here for us, we will send you down to the Fishing Section :D :D

Just say the heck with the rest of the pictures. They only charge you for the ones you get developed and you can replace that roll of film for a few bucks. ;) :D
Well, I'll definitely have the pics up early next week. Going to go out this weekend and try to pop me another one, so if my luck holds out I'll have three deer for ya all to curse me over

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Fishing section?!?!?!?! Well if it comes to that I suppose I could get the boat out of storage. I'd just have to figure out how to wire up a heater in it. LOL
Congrats on breaking the dry spell. Should be easier from here on out!

OK, someone want to tell me how to post my pics here? Borrowed a friends digital camera when I went back down today and got some nice pictures before we started skinning.
Ok, here's the pictures you've all been begging for (hopefully this works).


This is the doe I shot Tuesday morning. She's bigger than the buck, but that all changed after the skinning process. Man was she packing the fat on.


Here's a good shot of the 6pt. buck I got not 20 minutes after heading out Monday morning. He'll be hanging on the wall soon.


This is just me posing with my trophy's after we got done skinning.


This is the doe my brother took Saturday morning with some help from my friend Brian. Brian put the first shot in her when she ran past at full bore in the woods and hit her in the hind leg, breaking the bone mid thigh but no blood trail. We kicked her up again and she went right back by him, but he didn't have a clean shot before she headed for the other woods...still no blood trail. Finally, we set Brian and my brother up in the fence row between the two woods and we pushed the other woods hoping to drive her to the shooters to finish the job. When she started moving she headed in an unexpected direction, but luckily my brother saw her and was able to get a shot off before cleared the trees. Now don't ask me how, but somehow he managed to hit her in the front hip and amputated her leg. He put another shot into her vitals to end her suffering, and we were all happy we didn't leave a wounded animal in the woods.

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