Youth Outdoor Activity Day - Minnesota


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Jan 27, 2012
I thought I would throw this out there for anyone that will be in Minnesota on Sunday, August 25th. From 10-4 at the Alexandria MN Shooting Park we will host our 6th Youth Outdoor Activity Day. We will give every kid a tee shirt, everyone lunch and ice cream and give away about 5,000 pieces of sporting equipment like binoculars, BB guns, Bows and arrows, butterfly nets, bike helmets, fishing rods and reels, etc. One of our rules is there is now way for any attendee to spend a dollar. We do not even accept donations that day. We will have over 40 activities for kids to do including trap shooting, archery, muzzleloader shooting, crossbow shooting, BB guns shooting, bowfishing, bird feeder building, mountain biking, rock climbing, ATV rides, actually handling fish, salamanders, frogs, turtles, etc, fire building, and much more. For a look at last year's event, look here: