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Wyo Antelope (pics)


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Jan 9, 2001
Laramie, WY
The Wyoming antelope herd is minus a few members.

In a day and a half, we managed to bag 6, 3 does and 3 bucks.

Heres the buck I took, nothing special, just a buck, but man, is it ever fun hunting them.


My buddy from AZ took this one about noon the second day we hunted. We crawled for a couple hundred yards to get into position. Frank nailed him with a nifty 217 yard shot through the neck, which is all he could see.


My wife shot this buck earlier in the same day. We located this buck earlier in the year, filmed him several times. We found him right away and Pat made a great shot at 131 yards. She was really pleased to kill this buck, as she and I had seen him on several occasions while on scouting missions.


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Congrats on the prarie goats!!!

That second one looks like a fighter..

(And way to smile in the picture... It is kinda fun killin' them critters...
Congrats to you all Buzz. I like the horns on your wife's goat.
Nice goats Buzz. Looks like you guys/gal had a good time and the freezer is now full of venison. I gotta get me one of those one of these days.
Congrats on the nice pronghorns! Those animals facinate me. They seem to live by choice where many other large animals won't/can't.
Congrats on the goats, they sure are a lot of fun to hunt.

Buzz you even have a smile on your face, you MUST have had fun...

mtmiller, congrats on the two nice mule deer.

The MT archery buck is a dandy.

Heading out this morning to get set up and scout deer for a couple days before the season starts.
Nice bucks, Buzz. Man, that buck of Pat's looks like he never touched a thing with those horns!

Nice speeders Buzz- Those horns of your wife's goat are pretty interesting from the side- posta a front view if you've got one.

Antelope are a kick to hunt- smililing hunters say it all eh! What were the weapons of choice?
Nice shootin'. The goat pictured with the lady has very unusual horns. I've been hunting 'lopes for over 35 years and have never spotted one quite like that. Hope you have it mounted.

If you don't mind, would you please explain to me how to post photos. I'm having difficulties. Thank you.
Jack [email protected]
The easiest way to post a picture is to email it to someone that knows how.
Posting pictures yourself isn't hard once you learn how.
The first thing that you need to do is upload your picture on a server. There are many free servers. Two popular servers include and .
Once you have the picture on a server you can add the url(internet address) of the picture you uploaded to a post. If you add the url without the proper UBB codes it will not show up as a picture in your post. One way to ensure the correct UBB codes is to click on the gray button that says "image" and paste the url of the picture you downloaded in the window that pops up. You find the "image" button just below the field that you type your post in.
If you would like to learn more about UBB codes read the information from the link below.

This may sound like a lot of work but isn’t hard to learn if you are comfortable with computers.
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