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Who's in for ID Moose/Sheep/Goat tags?


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Apr 2, 2001
The Wyoming boys(and girls) have already had their results, so how about the Idaho folks?(and everybody else for that matter) Who put in for what this year?

June 10th is the magic day for those waiting on an Idaho tag(or a refund).

I put in for sheep in unit 20A myself. If the number of applicants is roughly the same this year as in the past then I figure my chances are about 1 in 6. Not great odds, but not bad ones either.

Just curious really. I figure its easier to wait if you have other people's applications to think about as distractions from your own.

Good luck everybody. Even if I don't, I hope you do...draw a tag that is
Twofingers....Still not bad odds as it goes for some states on their sheep draws!!!!!!! I myself also put in for sheep in 36B of course that is almost my backyard. Good Luck in the draws at least we aren't competeing for the same tags hehehehe.
2-fing, I put in for SHEEP again. I put in for Unit 27-2 (I THINK). I haven't done any scouting but know that it is like a 12 mile HIKE in to get to were you set up camp to start hunting .. DOHHhhhhhhh

ANYWAYS, I already got my Idaho Moose and If I ever draw on Sheep I will do GOAT next. THEN I WILL have my IDAHO DRAW "SLAM" :D:D
I put in for moose, Unit 62. I don't have much luck at drawings, but still always put in for one of the controlled hunts.

Good luck to all. L.W.
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