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Trophy fawn pic


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Jul 7, 2001
Well I blew it. I decided the heck with it and went to shoot my mule deer antlerless today. I got out and did some walking, but I tried to stay near roads (no need to kill yourself over a doe).

After about an hour and a half, I spotted a couple of does at about two hundred yards and I went prone. Now like a dumb-ass I start to think too much. Maybe I should get out the video camera and tape the shot. Yeh, good idea. Damn, I can sit up and shoot over the grass, but the tripod is too short and won't be able to focus through the grass.

OK, the deer don't see me, so I will just crawl a little closer and I should be good to go on the video.

Now I am at maybe 150, and I can take the video from here. Crap, gigs up. The doe now gets out of her bed and is staring my way. No worries, mule deer are stupid and as long as I am already on the ground I should be able to roll over, take my pack off and get the camera rolling. Wrong, they are on the move now, but not too startled.

Screw the camera, time to kill a deer. I get them in the scope and just follow them, waiting for her to stop, because, duh, mule deer are stupid. Ends up, I am the stupid one, they just keep going and later I see they passed about 40 yards from where my pick-up is parked.

Well lesson learned, shoot a damn deer and get out of the snow and blow. Within 15 minutes I spot a doe and two point (four-pointer for you banjo players
) staring at me.

I lay down and set up the bipod. They are what I guess to be 250. I crank up the scope to 20X and look her over again. She looks good, so I drop the hammer. At the shot, snow flies over her back. What the fruck, how did I miss that shot. Luckily I finally found my stupid mule deer and she just stood there. I aimed a little lower and it was lights out. 140 grains from the .280 took out her spine.

Cool deer down and I can see it is probably 30 yards from a two-track. I cross the coulee and see that I have just killed Bambi. Crap. Oh well, meat is meat, just less of it.

Pics, gutting and pull out the rope. I could have driven down the trail, but I see it is one of those lazy hunter two-tracks that go down every ridge. I am making a big deal about closing these roads through work, so I drag it about 1/4 mile to the main road. No big chore since she weighs about as much as my dog.

Wow, guess I got a little carried away with the story, especially since it was just a fawn. I am hoping Moosie will award a free hunt to whomever shoots the smallest deer.

mtmiller, I think the story is pretty damn good. I enjoyed it and also the pic. Thanks and that deer is going to make some mighty fine eats.
Two things here. Now i dont see the gut cut open but yet it looks like a stick is wedged in there making her bulge out in the side of the belly. If you were sitting directly behind her i would probably think you were pulling a Moosie on that deer
, but then again Moosie has hunted with you and told me you stick isnt big enough to make a belly bulge like that. am i just seeing something?
Second, I am too far north to play banjo, the reason i call a 4X an 8pt is we drink so much beer here in Wisconsin we are seeing douple most of the time.
Yeh, my little thingie doesn't make a bulge that big.

Actually I cleaned out my pack and stuffed everything I could find down her throat to make her appear larger.

BTW, I got your email and I am fired up. I will give you a call one of these days and chat about it.
Heck, there's nothing wrong with that doe, it'll make a good meal or maybe two for Axl!
Thanks for the story and pics.
congrats mtmiller, any deer taken legally and ethically is a trophy in my book.The idea is to have fun,sounds like you made the most of it.Young deer taste much better anyway.
I guess you're human after all. Thanks for the story. Did I miss the story like this on those nice archery bucks?

The cold front didn't quite make it down here last weekend. It was 70 at about 5 am on sunday. I searched for a long sleave shirt to where, it was pretty cool with the wind blowing and all. Saw some deer and javelina, but will have to shoot one later.
Well you went 2 for 3 on trophies this year mtmiller. If you would have just got a momma instead of one with milky lips you would have went 3 for 3!! Congrats on fillin the tag though. She'll taste good!!
Two for three hell, I still have at least one more doe tag in MT and an any whitetail tag for SD. Hopefully SD will pay off in 10 days.

Freezer is getting full again.