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Dec 27, 2000
Bozeman, MT
I've been traveling a ton this year. I just got back early this morning from another gig and took a few hours to just review some of the threads that seem to be the most corrosive. Those threads have some commonalities.

1. They usually have zero relevance to a public land hunting forum.
2. They are usually started by the same small group of people.
3. The pot gets stirred by the same small group of people.
4. Some only want to start/interact on threads that are politically oriented with no relevance to politics that impact public land hunting. Obviously, they should be on a different site.
5. Some struggle to have a conversation with those who have a differing opinion, thus the person results to tags, labels, and false comparatives, in all reality, raising the surrender flag to rationale discourse. Those people are of the greatest likelihood to be those in #4 above.
6. The rest of the forum members are tiring of it, as am I.​

If you show up one day and your password is not working, you will know you are one of the people above. Do not expect any warnings beyond this post.

If you self-identify that the warning is pointed at you, odds are you are correct. None of us need the continual distractions and the grade school level of interaction that occurs. I deleted some threads this afternoon. Probably more to come.
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I have been spending less and less time on HuntTalk, as it was decaying into another form of crappy social media. I wasn't on HuntTalk for a week, and ran into the same idiots that make me stay off other sites. Dump the bullies, thugs and blowhards already, PLEASE!!!!! Golden rule always works when applied, fellas.....
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