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The Real Question


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Oct 11, 2004
Do I shoot my older brother csutton7 for talking me in to this crazy ass adventure and leave him for the wolves or are we actually going to get to shoot the Trophy Elk?


I let you know which way I decided.
I'm guessing you haven't been as lucky as others on the site will getting your elk as of yet this year? :confused: :confused: Either that or you are talking about joining the site???? :confused: :D Well glad you joined the site and I hope you ahve a good time here.
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BS, Welcome to Moosies !!!! Trust yopur Brother.... He's like Zeus. We respect and Honor him around here.

(OK CSutton, pay up ;) )

Seriously thuogh, You might find yourself in CAMP MOOSIE sharing dinner with us Thurdsay night. Hope to see you guys !!! If I miss ya, good luck on your Hunt. The big game section has a Warm welcome to you there .....
Any brother of CSutton is a brother of ours brother. Now for the initiation he didn't inform you of!!
best to shoot me now--save me from packin' all the extra chit you threw in my back pack--frickin thing feels like an elephant--

now what I don't understand is your worry there bro--I'm takin you into fertile land where the valleys are beautiful and the hills are full and firm, the bush is unbelievable and then after we leave the bar we will go into some of the finest hunting territory known to man--and then when we leave that bar we need to go hunting in the pristine wilderness of Idaho--geesh you just can't please this guy---"SHOOT A TROPHY ELK" now that's funny--since I'm your guide you'll be lucky to see an elk let alone get a shot off--just sit back and enjoy there BS--best for grasshopper to not get to excited--initiation is Thursday night--he won't be the same---he will learn the real meaning of packer --
--after Moosie gets done with him
Moosie, where's dinner on Thursday?? Pops and I will be rolling into town sometime that evening and would catch up with you folks if we can.
I'm takin you into fertile land where the valleys are beautiful and the hills are full and firm, the bush is unbelievable.....REMINDS ME OF MY HONEYMOON!
1-pointer, We're gunna Meet at the Sour dough lodge up in Lowman. You know the Place, you know where my Camper is..... You coming through that way ?!?!?

Tomorrow nights the Night !!!