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Since Rick (24campfire) doesn't want "BETTING" going on his board..... post any "ins" you want here...

This will be finalized when all parties agree on the Dispute and the rules... I should have papers written up in a couple of days and we'll get it going.

STAY tuned for more info..

HERE is the rules as it stands at my end....

Sitka Deer said :

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> mousie
Not sure where you are going here, but the photos show a sheep which is not a full curl ram. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Moosie say's "I say it's legal."

NOW it's time to put up, or shut up.

We will have 3 different F&G bioligist/wildlife experts or whatever we choose (Or "other" parties will be happy that the ram is legal.) There has to be a 2:1 or 3:3 decision in that case.

I don't give a crap about the length the age or the circ. of the ram, just has to meet one of the requirements. I'm guessing that the statement made :

DATED 9/12/02

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>This sheep looks like a typical Nabesna Road area walk-in ram, 12" bases, 31" horns and 5 years old, but not legal by any of the three usual definitions. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

ANY BET takers.... I'll lay up to $10,000 on the deal......... (Of course after my lawyer gets back to me on all the legal mumbo jumbo :D :D)
Its more curl, DS's, and looks a lot like the broken horn one at this site where full curl is defined,
This is getting way blown out of proportion, the curl only has to be in at least one horn and it doesn't have to be a big circle, just a circle.

We're past that Tom.......don't show 'em any more pictures!......there in it now...bravely following their hero Shitka, and he will land them all in the poor house where they can there wipe the egg off their faces.

And somebody PLEASE cut and paste ALL that has been said on that thread over there, as well as the pudding thread. This has gone way too far and he had a chance to apologize but chose instead to just keep piling on. He even sent Moosie mail telling him to "bail out " now because he had proof positive the ram was illegal.

He has stated a half dozen times the ram is illegal, and that is the bet..I don't care if it's 3/4 curl..if it is more than 8 it is LEGAL! If it's less than 8, but full curl, it IS LEGAL!......if it is broomed om both sides.....it IS LEGAL. So the only way Shitka and gang wins the bet, is if my ram is deemed illegal by the panel of Alaska Fish and Game Experts........which Shitka already has proof it will be deemed illegal, right Shitka?
Well I dont have anywhere near that much cash to throw around but if I did Id bet on it. I dont think DS would let us bet on it if there was any doubt in his mind. I got $100 on it if it really goes down. Always up for making a little money, especially when your takin it from...
The orginal bet was simply that it was not legal. Then they started throwing measurements into it...hmm, "bait and switch?" Let's see if they belly up to the bar now....

It now looks as though "If it Flies, It Dies" is reconsidering his bet over at 24-hour.
what ever happened to a man being good for his word?????now you guys want to drag lawyers into this shit!...give me a friggin break!...not only dont drag um into this bet but you should ban any lawyer from using this site....the only time you should use one of those pieces os shit, is when you need to fight another piece of shit....thats right, fight shit with shit!.......
here's a lil note to the lawyer from 24 hr site:......you had mentioned in one of your post of someone sending you a e-mail and that they had said somthing bad about your daughters(probably a friggin lie)..........well, that is just plain wrong, whoever would talk about those children needs their ass kicked.....its not the childs fault, that their father, is a piece of shit.

not sure, but isnt there a lawyer on this site also???????if so, the same goes for you too, ya prick!...get a real job you lazy phuck!
i'll wait a lil while before i back any bets here......i may have finally wore out my welcome. :D


i may have gotten a lil carried away here but i figure what the hell, it cant be any worse then you guys going on and on about this full curl issue.

DS, dont let anyone measure shit! tell um to kiss your ass!what the hell do you care what someone else thinks about your sheep.....do you think that it will make the memory better?....

JB, shut up for a damned minute. We're talking about taking money from fools here. I believe that I can get into this for a grand... That is providing that all of the here fores and where to's get settled before the bet is solidified. If the bet turns out to be that DS's sheep is legal, I'm in for a grand.....

JB.......its gone past my word..it's gone past my honor....it's gone past the honor of this board as a whole......it's now a bonified pissing match between two boards and Fish and Game are knocking on my door.
So the sheep will be measured........again...the question now is, who is willing to back up their earlier statements?.....I AM! My sheep is full curl, and I want $1000 on it(all I have on hand) and my brother wants 5 large on it (his pocket cash as well) and like the man said......"LET's ROLL!"!!!!!!!!!


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Hey oscar I edited your post to fix the last quote thing you had.... It was driving me up a friggen wall... You forgot the "[" in the front :D :D :D :D :D :D

I am so helpful eh? :D you need to have it correct so when the LAwyers check it out :D
THANX Delw.. I was runnnig out the door to see if I could ARROW a turkey.. IN the morning, GO to the Turkey section for pictures
I'm not saying one way or another, but take a peak later ;)

ON the KID thing, I think It's chicken SHIT to involve Family ..WIVES or KIDS . Everyone here knows I love my kids to friggin DEATH !!! I don't play that crap !!! ONE thing to mess around with each other and take 10 G's from someone but leave the family out. Hopefully it wasn't someone from here. Hopefully.... Nuf said !!!

ANYONE, I hope that wasn't a smokescreen not to lay cash on the table (If it was, theyknew my weak spot to sidetrack me... DAM.. Another conspiracy theory.. MAYBE I'm drug into it now
) BUT Whoever did it... knock it off....

NOW.. BACK to the 15 G's ..... PRICE of Poker just went up !!!! :D :D HAHA !! OK, Jsut kidding, BUT I'll still lay the 10 K on the table....
OK Oscar, I've got my grand in hand. Where do I send it? Who's holding the stakes??

Oh, by the way. I haven't seen anything from shitkadeer about accepting the bet. Is he gonna put his money where his mouth is, or does he have too little money or too much mouth?

Come'on guys.. either jump up or apologize..

What's it gonna be?

well this sure got lively

it's been a learning experience in sheep judging; I wish the pictures hadn't all been pulled, I never got to see the side view

as far as this bet goes, it looks to me like the specifics of what is being wagered have to be clearly hammered out before you all ante up

from what I saw at 24hr, Moosie made a bet that it was legal, if it flies... bet on measurements "close to" as well as legality

that should all be clarified so there's no doubt as to the outcome; exceeding specific measurements would be clearer

then, I agree, put the cash in the hands of a 3d party
The bet will never happen. "If it Flies, It Dies" was bluffing, or trying to call Moosie's bluff. ( He doesn't know that Moosie would take a second mortgage on his house before he'd let that happen! ;) ) Moosie said he'd bet that DS's ram was legal, "If it Flies" said he'd bet in some kind of two-part statement about it being legal AND being the size originally quoted. Since horns dry and shrink, field measurements under field conditions are not as accurate and simply where the tape lies can be different - that makes the bet pretty hard to conclude. The original bet - is it legal or not - was easy.

The wager will never happen because they know that the ram is legal, despite all their BS to the contrary. They drew a line in the sand at the wrong place and won't admit it or apologize for calling DS a poacher. Buttheads pure and simple.
That is a very good post Cali and nicely sums it up.
Art said over there and over here on the "pudding" thread......he would not debate measurements, but rather legality..and that he had proof positive the ram was illegal....that is a bold statement to make when it's wrong.

Two folks can tape the same animal and come up with different numbers, and drying times and all that makes it iffy at best to be betting on inches. I really don't care if folks believe my account of the "tell of the tape".....what I do care about is being called a poacher and illegal...that one is easily proved an out-and-out lie!
I just realized, in addition to learning about judging sheep, I got another interesting fact out of these threads...

Greenhorn eats elk fetuses.

Maybe that's his secret to success?

WOW thats some real hostility JB. Did your wife leave you for a lawyer or something?:confused: I have family members who practice law so I have to say your post offended me. There are plenty of crooked lawyers but there are also plenty of crooked cops, teachers, politicians, Catholic Priests and just about every other profession. You say "get a real job you lazy phuck" what the hell is that supposed to mean. Are you just jealous that they make so much more $$ than you or what. Why would you attack and insult another member of the board that wasnt even in on the thread solely based on the fact that he is a lawyer? You lumped a huge group of people together and called them all "peices of shit" based on their profession which does nothing but make you look like a bitter spiteful loser. Have a nice day!! :D

By the way sorry to go off topic. If we get all the details worked out with the peice of shit low life lawyers I am still on for my bet.
CALI.... Ever see me at an AUCTION .....

HAHAA... I bought a bag of "SURPRISE" things 3 years ago at the DHI banquett just cuz I wantd it, Grant it I only had to pay $350 for a bag with stuff Worth $50 tops
but when the other bidder went against me..... TISK TISK ... ;)

Seriously though, I would have not taken the 10k, my lawyer said I should donate it and I was gonig to donate it to a Childs Heart instatute. With my niece passing away last week at 34 days old, I thought it was appropriate.
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