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Scratching the big game itch

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
Eastern Idaho
Its the off season! Going archery hunting to Chopper's in CA Feb 6-8. Right now there are 5 people locked in. We have space for one more if anyone is interested. Drop me a line for details.
Don's envelope has two deposites in it. 5 total hunters. Hope to have 10 pigs hanging in the cooler by Saturday night!
Here's the report. The hunt was tough. The cold weather had moved most of the pigs to lower elevations. I hunted hard for two days, covered lots of ground and saw 3 pigs. One of which was a nice boar, but didn't offer a shot.

Out of five hunters, two got shots. One was at a nice boar at 35 yards, but he choked and undershot it. The other hunter took a desperation shot at a running boar at 50 yards.

We had lots of fun. I guess I could call it an expensive camping trip.
sorry you didnt score. What was up with the weather?? I leave thursday and it looks like its gonna be cold.
Chopper has agreed to have us back for another hunt! Will wait until the warm spring weather moves the pigs back up the tops where Chopper's ranch is.
Ha! Glad you got him. Could you tell if there was anything wrong with his hearing? That pig was deaf!

You mentioned you have one hunt booked for May. What weekend is it? We're thinking May right now.
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