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  • Sorry for not replying. Getting into research for another hunt this fall. Trying to decide if gonna use a drop camp or DIY. Looking at 78 and 81 areas.
    In short, I didn't get a Bull this archery season. Sort of what happened, is that I kept seeing 3 different Bulls coming to a wallow I had a trail camera on. In that I could hunt this wallow from my home, I just did that. I was into some Elk enough hunting that area, that I opted not to venture farther from home. The wallow didn't pan out, as they never came when I was perched in my treestand there. So, I missed out on some adventures elsewhere.
    Read your posts for a hunting partner. I was in conversation with elkhunter2 earlier this year about heading out to 78, but then I had to get surgery on my knee. I've hunted 81, just South of Platoro two years ago in 81. Got into some elk, but couldn't seal the deal. How did you make out this year?
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