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Dec 18, 2012
hey guys one of my dads friends has a pond that was a gravel pit at 1 time. We were thinking to stock it with some fish like bluegills and maybe a few bass or something. It is a 1 acre pond that is around 6 to 8 feet deep in the deepest spots. There isn't a terrible lot of green in it
but there is a little and is a pretty muddy bottom. What do you guys think?
If you have water of course you need to add fish to it! Many many years ago I added crappie to an irrigation pond on our farm, I got them through the mail and they did very well, turned a little pond into a fun fishing hole after a few years. I think they came from someplace called Zetts Fish hatchery, I saw an add in Outdoor Life or Field & Stream. I prefer crappie over bluegills for eating, but either should work, throw in some catfish too.
If you go with bream and bass there is a recommended ratio and your county agriculture extension agent might be able to help you with acquiring fish to stock it. Crappie and cats as mentioned always compliments the mix.
If you don't plan on keeping any of the fish, sterile hybrids can keep the population and size in check. Overpopulation will decrease size. Restocking is necessary from time to time though. Having a healthy mix of bass and catfish should help that though. Sterile fish are best when stocked alone.
Might want to check with fish and game department to make sure you do everything above board. Transport of live fish can get you into a bit of trouble and they might have some restrictions on what fish you can legally plant in your pond if it is connected to other water sources by river or stream.
Stock 10 to 1 on bluegill bass ratio. I find it hard to believe fish have not shown up all by themselves. It must be a long way from other bodies of water. Sounds hard to believe but they have a way of finding a way in via eggs on ducks feathers and other means. A buddy dug a pond and never stocked it and it ended up infested with green sunfish a few years later.
I started a new 1/4 acre pond I had pushed and diked and the first spring I stocked it with 5 pounds of fathead minnows. They spawned and the next spring I put 100 panfish and 10 adult smallmouth in it and it did well. You need to make sure you have a food source for whatever goes in there,
Schmalts, are you being serious about the duck feathers? I have never heard that before. I've heard of fish suddenly appearing but always got blamed on trespassers and poachers.
Yes fish eggs go in duck, goose, pelican any water bird's feathers. they get stuck and go to a new pond and the eggs fall off. Makes a guy wonder how many of these ponds have some big fish no one knows about??
Schmalts, are you being serious about the duck feathers? I have never heard that before. I've heard of fish suddenly appearing but always got blamed on trespassers and poachers.

It's what I have been told. I believe it because of fish that appear in ponds on private property. But i do believe it must be a short trip because i don't know how long an egg would make it stashed in a birds or aquatic mammals fur or feathers.
There is not an abundance of plants in it so will I need to pump oxygen?

Not always. Less plants are better than too many. I consulted a DNR biologist about my ponds. He let me know the leading cause of die off in ponds is when the plants die in the winter due to lack of sunlight. They give off a toxin. If possible put some lilly pads in one part of the pond. Great cover and fish like fatheads lay eggs on the underside. I was able to pull some by the root and transplant them into my pond. Let the grass grow long along the edge to attract food for the fish in the form of bugs. Number one priority is to make sure the fish have food or they will be stunted.
Just a note: The county conservation board in my county has a pond about that size and that deep. We get a lot of winter kill each year, We are also in Iowa. I am not sure where you are located. An aerator would solve this problem. I am not an expert, however, crappie, bluegill and catfish....... all eatin' fish.

good luck to all
the dog
If O2 is a concern there are fish have have a higher tolerance to that condition. Crappy and catfish are ones that i was told need less O2.
Ok thanks guys! be nice to get some plants in the bottom I think. Any way of doing this?
If milfoil grass or hydrilla get started in your pond you'll have plenty of oxygen but since both are invasive species they'll most likely choke it out to the point that it's nearly impossible to fish unless you practice some annual harvesting to keep it under control. Both plants can go as deep as 15-20 feet in clear water so in your more shallow pond it can really take off. If and until it does, the wind/wave/ripple effect can infuse some oxygen into the water and if it's been impounded very long the O2 level should be high enough to support fish now. Set a hook!
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