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  • Thanks for the info about Newcastle and area 27 for speed goats in WY. Have you been back in recent years? I want to take my kids goat hunting there but have never hunted WY. Any info you could give me would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Hello Dr Marty
    My dad taught at K-State from 72-mid/late 90's. He retired from active teaching after his second hip replacement and then lower spine trauma (spooked cow rammed him into water trough...his human orthopods didn't believe he had the right xrays when they would examine him, as they thought the xrays were of someone who was paralyzed).

    I remember the Iowa mainframe 8 pt thread, but didn't connect the buck with pointingdogsrule.

    Jeff Haw is my dental school classmate. Great guy. I think a couple of his kids have gone to UNI, some headed to ISU. He went to New Zealand last year and took a big stag. Don't think he is a big hunter here in the states. He has served a long time on the Christian Dental Society board. Jeff has a "gentleman's farm" somewhere outside of Cresco.

    Mark Schneider (kansasdad)
    Hello, Mark Schneider (kansasdad) here. I see you are a vet. My dad J.E. (Gene) Schneider was one also. CSU '60, then taught for awhile there, we went to Kenya for 3 yrs to help upgrade their school, then back to CSU, then moved to Manhattan in 1972, where he taught large animal surgery and orthopedics. NVLongbow tipped me off to you being a vet.

    A dental school classmate of mine lives near Cresco.

    What a great whitetail this year. Did you post the pics/story to the whole forum yet? Huge height on those antlers.

    May you and your dogs have a great upland season!

    Cyclone baby - '96. Swam there too. Big 8 champs in 95.
    From Council Bluffs.
    And you cornfed?! Great name man.
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