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  • Hope your Thanksgiving held great family enjoyment! Merry Christmas, Aaron!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Aaron! Any deer drop w/ the 7mm? Hope all is well!
    Congrats on the elk,,we are getting ready for the youth elk hunt on the 30th of november,,we have 6 youth tags for cow elk,,our youngest son is 16 and he has a tag and then we have 5 grandchildren hunting this year for their first time. I am ready to get this hunt started, our son also has a muzzleloader deer tag at the same time but in a different unit,,so we are hopin to fill his cow tag opening morning and then concentrate on the deer tag, the bucks are just starting to rut around here and his tag is for a great unit. Good Luck to ya
    Hello Aaron,doing any good with the hunting this year ? We have taken 4 bulls so far this year,TTYL, Steve Smith
    Where are you at in Colorado ? Thanks for checking out my profile. Been doing any good hunting this year ?
    I'd almost give him his asking price for that piece o' schit just to have a donut with him
    Good call - thought it was a PM to you, and you only. Good luck pulling it together and with life stuff.
    I do need help :) I'll drop you a line in the next few weeks. Busy putting this together and other life stuff right now. FYI, you posted this for the public to see. If you want to send a provate message you can too to keep your number off the boards.
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