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Please correct me if I am wrong


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Oct 29, 2002
Mt. Home ID
From the way I interpret the website, I am too late to hunt in Montana and Utah. I had the oportunity to hunt in both states with friends, but I think I blew it for application cutoffs. Does anybody know anything different?

Yep as a Nonres you're too late for elk in MT.
There is still draw opps for some deer, antelopes, moose, sheep, and goats tho.
Deer and elk tags can both be purchased over the counter in UT. But these are the general season areas only. Many of the elk areas are spike bull only during general season.
Thanks guys!

Moose sounds interesting, I'll have to look that up. What parts hold the moosies?

1 Pointer,
This would be for a cow. Are there any seasons for general cow?

Again, THANKS!
I'd say mostly the west side..... better get a move on tho, apps need to be in by the end of the month.
You could alway's cow hunt in Wy. with a few of this year, the tags are cheap, over the counter and it is in Jackson Hole...

I know hunting in other states sounds exotic and exciting, but....Save the $ and put the extra time in Idaho.

You're sitting on some primo elk hunting. If you're willing to put in the time and work, you'll get a bull. And a nice one at that.

Just my $.02

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I'm with Tyson on this one. I always think about other states and Others always Want to come to Idaho. FUNNY how the Grass is always greener in the other states.

Put in for Idaho Moose, HELL, thats alot cheaper then other states and The odds are fairly good !!!