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Jun 28, 2004
So every year I buy a turkey tag and I never really get into hunting them here in Montana. Years ago I drew a tag here in the Bitterroot and shot one 100 yards behind a guys house who was sick of them. Not too much fun. I thought this year I would like to try to decoy one.

So here is my question, I am up to traveling around the state. I would like a trip to central or eastern Montana. I am retired and would also like to do a little scouting for a sharptail/hun hunt next fall. I have shot them while antelope hunting years ago but never had my dog and actually hunted them. That is on my list for this fall.

I have looked at block management but those seem pretty slim for spring hunting. Not looking for anybodys honey hole, just advice. I ran into a guy pheasant hunting last year who gets around the whole state bird hunting a lot. He told me for sharpies the further east you go the better. Would you agree with him? Is that true for turkeys? I will be calling some biologists from the different districts to get their opinions. PMs would be great. Thanks
I see turkeys on private land in MT. The landowners say they don't like them, yet they don't allow non family members to hunt turkeys on their land.

If you get more hunting locations then you can hunt, send me a PM.
Merriam turkeys are very mobile and will cause you to chase them all over the country side. If you find them don't chase them but rather figure out their direction of travel and cut them off. Southeast Montana seems to be the hot spot for them.

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