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Odd weather for Alaska predicted.......



............why,... because I am heading up there on the 23rd of August for a Dall Sheep hunt.
The last time I was there about 8 years ago......for moose and bear.......it was supposed to be cold and wet.......not one drop of rain in the 28 days I was there, and it was the hottest Sept in 100 years!!!!! :eek: .......so look out Alaska, some weird weather phenomonon will surely happen the last week of August!!! ;)
:cool: DS
We're roughing it alone Cali.......I got weary of outfitters a little ;)

My brother has lived there for the last 8 years, but is leaving in a couple of months.......so it' now or never.

......we will try and dispell the notion you have to drop a fortune for sheep......the whole hunt should run me around $1500 airfare and all. I must take a full curl as a non-res......and many of the rams there are 1/2 to 3/4........so patience wil be the rule........what,only about 7 weeks away now?.........darn, it has slipped up on me!
:cool: DS
What area are you going to hunt? Your right on cost, I think last year I did my sheep hunt for about $700 total.

The weather is weird enough up here, we dont need anymore crazy crap from mother nature
I'm told the area info is "Top Secret" :D
...........though I will fly into Anchorage, so we will be hunting the lower half. We are packing in a base camp, then spiking from there. It a real tough hunt, packing in on your back, and even tougher whenyou tag with the added weight coming out. There will be 3 of us. My brother is 4 for 4 the last 4 years and his friend is 3 for 4, so they have done pretty well. I'm sure we won't see a damn sheep when I go up there! :eek: ........one thing is for sure though.......it won't be still nursing if I get one, full curls are genrally weaned!!! :D DS

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Your an animal! And if your not, you will be
after the monster sheep hunt. :D Good luck
up the high country stalking the elusive
rams. I've always wanted to go sheep hunting, and someday its going to happen.
Good luck, and take no prisoners Pal. I wanna
see a big ass ram pic when your back home.
So I guess your gonna be hunting the chugach Mtns off the seward highway. Alot of good territory for sheep. Steep crap though, man, I can think of a few easier mtn ranges :eek:

I did a few backpack hunts into that area for sheep and ran into to many people so now I fly out. Obviously your brother found a good spot. good luck.
Save some lamb chops for elk camp !
Good luck brother, them sheep are in trouble ( one way or another ! )
Count on the lamb chops Dan! ........though I'm not sure how much trouble those sheep are really in.....their actually probably pretty safe! ;)

lilbigun........your probably right about the area......really, I am going in pretty much blind. He has lived there for 8 years so any research I could do would have been secondary, so I am basicaly letting him get me in the right area, then we will spot and find the sheep, and if I see a shooter, I will mae the final stalk alone......should be a hoot!

Owl..thanks for the support, and maybe I can get you that pic! ;) ........an thanks for the luck Del.......I'm sure I will need it! :D DS

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DS, good luck on your hunt. It sounds like your bro has found a honey hole. :D

You should ask your brother to call F&G up here to ask them what exactly "must be accompanied in the field by" either a relative or a guide means before you decide to split up on your hunt.
DS, Alasken is right. Your brother has to be within line of sight when you shoot. Sharing a camp and hunting solo may get you into trouble with the law.

Good Luck and a few suggestions since you're hunting the Chugach(been there 4 times):
-Carry treking poles--they make packing a load downhill easier and safer
-Make sure you have a rifle or bow mount for your pack frame--2 free hands are important
-If you are going to hunt anywhere near glaciers(common in the Chugach) carry an ice axe.
-If you may have to cross any streams carry aqua booties and big trash bags for makeshift waders
-Bring a headlamp NOT a regular flashlight
-Bring duct tape and 5 minute epoxy--you never know what you'll have to fix on the spot

Some hints on judging horns:
A rams head is 7 inches wide at the eye sockets. If he looks like he's got about an inch of skull between his horn bases then they're big. Any full curl is legal. When viewed from the side the horn makes a complete circle(there's a good diagram of this in the regs) For a good ram you are looking for the bottom of the curve to be level with the jawline. If it drops below the bottom of the jaw he's a beast shoot him now.

Rams are not tough--one shot is usually enough but be careful about where the ram is when you kill him. Consider where he'll fall and he will fall if he's in the steep stuff. If he's in a very steep spot and undisturbed
wait to see if he moves someplace where he's retrievable, say a wide ledge or a saddle.

Best of luck! There are some bruisers in the Chugach.

I'll be going out a week later to the Alaska Range

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Thanks for the tips guys..oh, and did I say split up? :D ......now we all know that is not possible......but the other two will watch from a glassing point as I put the final stalk on the first bruiser we see....they gave me "first dibs" since it is my first sheep hunt and they both have several on the wall already......

thanks for the tips Eric!
5 weeks and counting!...dreamin' of dalls!

I say my prayers every nite that I can come home with something more than a milker :eek:
Good luck, DS! You're going to be living what many of us dream about!

Along the line of "firsts", my girlfriend bagged her first deer on our trip up to your great city two weeks ago. Her weapon of choice was a 1995 Toyota Tacoma, and, in a move that would have made Greenie and WW proud, she hit it right in the @ss!

Oak.......on the question of her skills.....did she have to leave the pavement to get it...or was it one of those canned hunts where she nailed it on the center stripe? If she shows much skill in the art of road kill...you may wanna get her a big ass ol' brush guard bumper...that is if she is considering taking the sport seriously! :rolleyes:

.....3 weeks and counting til me and my Alaskan nanny do battle! :eek:

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Wishing you the very best of luck on your sheep hunt.Make sure you get lots of pics,I would like to see them when you get back.Are you going to take a small camcorder too?Whats your caliber & bullet choice?
I am thinking about Alaska next year....
Good luck again.