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New Washington state Record for P&Y


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May 9, 2001
This Blacktail was taken in October of 1998.This 7x7 scored an impressive 179 1/8 net non typical.
LOL it could have been.This buck was taken just a few miles from my house,he is a dandt for sure.The gentleman that got this said there was a bigger buck in the area.HMMMM I might be hunting close to home this coming year.
Wouldnt that be nice.Hey Bill how are the deer prospects for you where you hunt?
There arent too many that size around here for sure but there are a few.
They can be had over hear like that, but you would never know by the ones I have gotten. Down in the Hoback Canyon and the Grays is where some fine bucks come out of.
One of these days though ;)
Hopefully this is the year for ya.My biggest is a 3 point so far so I might hold out for a bigger one this year.Also if I can draw a permit in one of the PREMIER spots for Muleys that would be a big help.
KRAVEN, just read an article in local fish & game magazine about that deer.The guy that got him sure sounds like a true die hard hunter.lots of time and gray to get a blacktail like might checkout Boone & Crocket web site for world record blacktail,I think they say it was taken in lewis county washington is that close to where he took that one?sounds like great hunting up there.
Kraven, thats a nice buck, Thats what i need to get me, Id like to shoot a 130 or bigger blacktail before i die someday. You need to get up there and look for the bigger one he was running with.
The spread on this deer is 25 5/8".This is also the second largest Blacktail recorded.So if the buck that was seen in California was over 30" then hes a huge fugger.No offense is intended but a 30" blacktail is few and far between.

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