Possible NM new state record

If the score 436 1/8 is the net, then it would tie for #3 in Pope & Young NT elk. I think there is enough Abnormal points to make him NT.
436 1/8” gets automatically rounded up to 450" due to a little-known provision in the B&C books that recognizes and grants bonus points for shooting them on the uphill side of the road.

I sure hope he spread his genetics far and wide. He's a hell of a bull. Impressive that this young man was able to maintain his composure and close the deal.
Seems like the price should drop with that bull gone
Not likely.
I saw a head in a pick up scooting out of town Sat. morning...filled the bed.
Just down the road at the quickie mart was a 3/4t truck with a skinned headless bull body. Tail gate down, filled the full sized bed.
Ran into a friend who is guiding locally and he said the bull supposedly green scored 404.

I told this to the guy that took that pic of BF and Uncle Larry. He and his bro are on their way to hunt NM bulls tomorrow. Here at the Rockin' Double J.
Both bulls were taken within 30 miles of here. LOL
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