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My Gilamonster bear!!!!


New member
Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Gilamonster had me out bear hunting with him in August. It rained everyday when we went then and we found a little sign and saw a lot of elk. Then he did his elk hunt there with bow a few weeks ago. Bear season was closed while he did that and he saw a bear. He sent me back to the spot last week. I hunted this pond for a little over a day this time, before this bear showed up!! Here he is, and me with my Hunttalk hat.

He's 5 foot 2 inches or so, 4 inch paws, and a nice black hide with no rubs. I can't thank him enough, he sent me to a good spot, Gilamonster. It was in the Gila National Forest, last friday, between Reserve and Snow Lake. It was a 140 yard shot with my 30-06 and a 180 grain while he was standing and scratching his back on the tree in the picture. :D


New member
Aug 29, 2001
New Mexico
I had the chance to look over the cape and I'll say one thing about this bear. He's absolutely beautiful. No rubbs or anything, absolutely perfect. Great job Tom! :D


Good on ya Tom!...and you too Gila for helping out your fellow hunter and friend.....
Nice bear and a good hunt...