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Jul 24, 2020
I'm an aspiring beginning/intermediate hunter living in SF, looking for a hunting companion to share some hunting adventures with. To be honest, those who participate in the sport are an anomaly in San Francisco so this is the main reason I'm putting this ad out.
My reasons are varied on why I'd like to explore this hobby, but primarily I have a pull to get back into nature, to take a break from a bustling city while also getting organic meat the old fashioned way by hunting it myself.
Since I was a kid, I always wanted to explore the hobby as my childhood friend's family went on duck hunting trips every year. And when they came back, they told me of their fun weekend. As a kid growing up outside, exploring the hills, creeks, and streams with friends their stories were gold to me.
I can say I'm primarily a meat hunter and believe that most industrialized food today is really not optimum for one's health which is another reason for my interest in hunting.
Living in SF, I feel duck and goose hunting is the most readily available and economical. So if anyone out there is in search of a hunting companion who is easy to get along with, respectful, believes in safety while operating a firearm, believes in ethical kills, and is looking to explore the hobby, drop me a line and let's see if our personalities mesh.
My very first successful goose/duck hunt was last year in the Northeast zone on opening weekend. It was truly a memorable experience that I would like to repeat again, from waking up pre-dawn, to freezing my ass off in the blind, to experiencing a golden orange sunrise in the field amongst the green rolling hills, and to finally getting a combination of Canada geese, ducks, and speckle belly geese.
I'm also open to other game.

Please reach out if interested.


Welcome. There is a pretty active California Waterfowl Association where you may find someone to partner on a duck blind at a private club. Your other option is to put in for the drawing at the refuges at Delevan, or Sacramento. if you meet the right guys and have some luck applying for the "Sweat line" it is kinda the Blue collar way of hunting ducks. it is not my forte since I've been concentrated on big Game.

if oyu have the extra coin you can buy a Club membership....I guarantee you would have no problem getting someone to join you...

Thanks for your reply. I'm trying to stay away from expensive club memberships or private clubs. Big Game ie deer, elk is also something I'm definitely going to explore. I'm in the process of booking a hunt on a private ranch in Sept for a wild boar hunt in the central CA. the cheapest semi-guided hunt I have found, in the hopes of gaining more experience.

Curious, what kind of big game do you focus on? A couple of months back, I submitted for a draw for CA and Wyoming Antelope, as well as CA elk, but obviously didn't get it. Hopefully, with enough points in the future, I will draw one of these tags.
Hunting California is a challenging that being said here’s a few tips. For waterfowl you can put in for reservations either season long or for specific days. Hog hunting used be my favorite, my wife liked eating it. keep exploring and Welcome to the forum!

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