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Wilderness Backpack Pronghorn Hunt

It’s just so frickin cool that you dropped all the pressure to just drive roads and bounce around all over the place in search of the biggest buck possible, and instead you kept it simple, focused on the type of hunt you wanted, learned the area, and got the buck you’ve been watching all summer. Straight up fun. Congratulations again.
Also, didn’t figure out it was Squiggles until I got up to him. Forgot that part.

Quick work with the havelon and dropped all my gear in an extra game bag. All 4 quarters, tendies, backstraps, and heart into a game bag and strapped to my pack, head strapped on top, and 3 miles to the truck and cooler.

I looked at my watch after getting everything on ice, 4:30. 3 hours from shot to cooler. Not to shabby, but I still had to go back in, get my stuff, and then go back up the other direction and get camp out.

All told, between trip in, pack out, go get the gear, and then round trip to get camp out it was a 15 mile day. Back into cell service around 8:00, and pulled into my drive way at 11:00.

Big thanks to @Duck-Slayer and @Elkmagnet for the tips when I first drew the tag, and another to @rtraverdavis to push me in the direction of a wilderness backpack antelope hunt.

Now I’m tired, and sore, and need to get gear reorganized and cleaned for my FIL’s antelope hunt, and for elk season.
You are absolutely welcome, congrats again.
Way cool hunt and congrats on the success. Totally seems worth it getting in a hike and away from the typical pronghorn road hunt

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