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OK.. look at this bull.. It has 6 points each side. look at the 6th point that I'm holding on it's Lt. side. I know that this is considered a point, but it's also considered a MAIN BEAM as well.. Here is the picture then my question...


OK, My question is, In scoreing an Elk, does this count as a G6 ? Or would this be counted in on the main beam as a point therefor a 6 point bull only has 5 "SCOREABLE" points ?~?~? So would I only have
1 main beam measurement, and then
5 point measurements ?

If this is the case, It takes a CHITLOAD off the score of my elk !!! Just want to kick out an "ACCURATE" score for your guess's.

HERE is the link to the B&C ELK score page. there is a diagram on the page that indicates that you only score 5 of the 6 points.. Anyways, Here is the link :

THANX for the HELP.
THANX Chris !! It kind-a looked that way with this Diagram :


I'm curious how the browtine gets scored, Looks easier on the Diagram then it actuall is :eek: :confused: :eek:

OHH well, I'll do my best I guess ?!?!
OK.. another question.. THIS years elk doesn't do this but we scored another one that does.. WHAT if the GREATEST inside width isn't in the "MIDDLE" but rather in the TIPS... SO like in this picture :


SO like instead of the antlers coming back "IN" they stay progresivly WIDE and the tips are further out then the middle spread...

inside spread of the main beam==not tips---

brow tines I beleive are scored like the other points--you take a pc of tape and connect one side of the main with the other like there was no brow tine and measure from the outside edge or tape...chris
#'s B and C are not used for scoring, but rather for characterizing the bull in case it's stolen or someone else tries to enter it..with out your knowledge of course...chris
I'm sure your good friend GH can clear this stuff up real well, but here is my shot.

#1 as for measuring the point lengths. Imagine the main beams all by themselves, in other words, the main beams "line" traveling through the base of the point. It is up the center line of the point down to that imaginary line, thats your length.

(my question is, do you measure along the side of the point or bottom or top??)

#2...I believe, if the horns never come together you can basically use that tip to tip spread as your widest inside. As long as at no point the beams become narrower as they go up. IF the beams never curve in, B and D would be one in the same!

I sure hope someday I have to pull a tape on my own critter!

(dont even pretend like you dont like this Oscar!)

By the way, you getting him mounted or are you just gonnna do a skull mount?

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If the tips are calculated in the MAIN BEAM distance measurement, LIKE stated above, then they are considered MAIN beams ?

If thats the case and the spread is wider then the middle as indicated in the Picture .... I'll have to call BS on not measureing the tips....

If that "IS" the case though, Were do the MAIN beams end ?becasue acording to the diagram, the distance "B" is still measureing the "MAIN" beam..... JUSt the diagram shows it narrower... NOW I'm all confused :D :D
the "D" measurement is the inside spread of the main beams at its widest point--this can be anywhere along the main beam---it cannot however exceed the length of the longest main beam--say you main beams are 42" long and your spread is 44" you can only enter 42" as the measurement--chris
HORNseeker.. Actually I DO like this.. except my BULL just shrunk A CHITLOAD !!! I recalculated it and have the final #'s/.. If I take the board out it will shrink even another inch ;) So I'll leave it in *WINK*

YES, I'll have it mounted. REGARDLESS THE SCORE
It will go next to the other ELK, moose and FULL BODY BEAR mount in the living room....
Csutton, MY elk doesn't have that problem, The lenght of the Inside spread is a few "s shorter then the shorter of the 2 beams anyways.... and the Widest point is closer to the Sword tines (4th tines ?).. ANyways, It has been helpfull scoreing this bull. I'm yanking the other one down to score it another time too... THIS is fun.. Then I'll score my raghorn 5x6 then the raggy's then the REAL FUN ONES !!! THE spikes !!! YEEE ha

points are measured along the outside curve and down to the point of where the main beam is--just like HornSeeker stated--pretend there are no points--that's the reason they use tape to make this designation for measuring---again the tip to tip spread of the main beam means nothing("b" & "c" in diagram b) as does the greatest spread--- you measure the
main beams
the remaining 5 points
the circumferences
and inside spread----

deduct any differences between the main beams and points and you have a score---chris
Chris, I actually jsut used the ONLINE calculator and they did the math.. I can hardly type let alone figure out all the 3/8th 7/8th ECT measurements ;)

When you gonna tell us then?

Oh hell, I dont care what it scores either, this is just fun chit. That is beautiful and very large bull. Not many guys will kill bulls like that ever, and you are just getting started baby! Ahh Yeah!

Can you send me a pic of the bull you got last year? I was not on here at that time and would sure like one. What did it score?

damn right it's a hell of a nice bull--frickin hard to score from pics--it makes the wall and that's the bottom line--should be interesting on the score though--I'm saying it's in the 330-335 range as my official guess--I'm hoping it's bigger though....chris
I'll post the score a bit later.. MAybe in a day or two.. I want to run the #'s again.. I've been on the phone with Greeny the past 25 mins talking and learning.. I have learned alot from this experience...

ANYWAYS, The BULL I got last year was this bull, It was the largest bull I had taken to date. When I say last year I don't mean this season. This year I shot a 5x ragghorn...

HERE is the 6x :




I will run a tape on that one too.... NOW that I know 100% better how to score. I kind-a like it !! Any guess's on that one ? I didn't take good "FIELD" photo's for scoreing on it though. So it might be tough to figure out. BUT I took good pics on this Montana elk and Everyone is wrong thusfar too
So I gues it doesn't matter eh ;) Although I won't say if it's HIGH or LOW...
ONE more thing.. That bull it's tips are further out then the mid of the main beam. (THE IDAHO ONE) THUS the "SPREAD" will go from the TIP-TIP. That was one of the reasons I asked. I'll have to drag it down from the wall sometime, It's just a bit large enough that I don't want to man handle it by myself

HERe it is on the WALL...




Nice one, thanks for posting! Got Dam, I cant wait for next elk season! Big antlers are in my future! I hope. What I do know though, a good time WILL BE HAD!

If we are lucky, and they, we might get to see pics of another big one tommorrow or Thursday. Good Luck Boys. (WW and GH)
YEH.. Greeny and lilly are heading up at 2 AM in search on the one that I shot's GAY LOVER. Hopefully they find him !!!!

I owe Everything to those two for the elk hunt. It was 10x's better then a guided hunt and I learned ALOT !!!
Moosie--nice mounts--if the tip to tip is the widest point of the main beam then that's where you score it--as I understand it---323 on last years---chris
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